Carbon balance offsetting greenhouse emissions

Carbon Balanced Rescues works with the World Land Trust (WLT) to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions associated with our vehicle rescues in the UK and abroad. The WLT is a UK registered environmental charity that works to preserve some of the world's most biologically important and threatened habitats. Through their restoration ecology projects, the WLT offer a transparent mechanism for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions using methods that have significant co-benefits in terms of biodiversity conservation, watershed hydrology regulation and local community sustainability. The WLT's model has been recognised as being highly effective by many eminent conservationists. Their Patrons include Sir David Attenborough and David Gower OBE.

With assistance from the WLT, has calculated the average mileage and average emissions generated by a typical callout. Based on the WLT's standard carbon offset rate, then makes donations to ensure that the harmful greenhouse gas emissions from each rescue undertaken on behalf of customers are offset. Although donations are based on averages, both ourselves and the WLT, are confident that the use of conservative estimates when calculating these averages will mean that over a reasonable period, the amount donated reflects the total carbon emissions of all's vehicle rescues.

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