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Graduated licencing plans may see driving age rise to 18

Posted on October 14th, 2013, by Craig Hindmarsh

Young drivers may have to wait until they are 18 to take their first test under new proposals being considered by the government. Additionally, newly qualified drivers (with 12 months of driving experience or less) under the age of 30 will not be permitted to carry under-30s in their car.

The moves are gaining momentum [more]

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Road trip advice: Should I rent or take my own car?

Posted on October 10th, 2013, by Kevin Spencer

Are you planning a road trip, but are unsure whether to rent a car or take your own? It is a common question and here at we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself and those travelling with you.

  1. Will learning to drive an unfamiliar car rental create discomfort for you, or make the
  2. [more]

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Road trips that make the most of autumn

Posted on September 30th, 2013, by David Rogers

To help reduce the impact of a summer lost, autumn gives us a welcome hit of dazzling colour just when we need it most. The reds, yellows and browns of fallen foliage are to be enjoyed across Europe, but there are some particularly great spots for an autumn road trip on the continent. Here are [more]

Want to pay for parking using conkers? Head to Leeds…

Posted on September 24th, 2013, by Kevin Spencer

As far as many drivers are concerned, parking is a slightly tedious and sometimes expensive business.

But one car park company has come up with a novel twist on traditional parking; letting its customers pay with conkers.

“Bonkers for Conkers”

The scheme is called Bonkers for Conkers, and whilst unorthodox, has an important environmental point. [more]

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How do I get my car to Sweden?

Posted on September 9th, 2013, by William Amos

Sweden is a wonderful country to visit any time of year, but the warmer months are when most UK holidaymakers decide to make the trip. Stunning mountain ranges, verdant forests and dynamic cities ensure that this unique Scandinavian nation has something for everyone. And for many, the freedom offered by the open road means that [more]

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New “flash and crash” insurance scam identified

Posted on August 21st, 2013, by Craig Hindmarsh

Many of our roadside assistance customers will have heard of the so-called “crash for cash” scam, in which criminal gangs drive around in numerous cars and apply their brakes suddenly, with a view to causing a rear-end collision with the vehicle behind.

But a new variation of the scam has arisen since the beginning of [more]

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New £100 fines for anti-social driving come into effect

Posted on August 19th, 2013, by David Rogers

Certain careless driving offences will attract an on-the-spot penalty of £100 under new legislation that came into effect on the 16th of August.

Offenders will also receive three points on their licence, while other existing offences – such as using a mobile behind the wheel – will result in an increased penalty, also to £100. [more]

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Is it safe to drive to Istanbul?

Posted on August 1st, 2013, by William Amos

Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, have hit the headlines a lot recently. Riots over the redevelopment of Istanbul’s Gezi Park, along with general anti-government feelings, have made parts of the city centre no-go areas. But for those considering the journey across Europe to Turkey, is this sprawling metropolis too dangerous to visit?

For people who [more]

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Top tips for driving holidays with younger children

Posted on July 18th, 2013, by Kevin Spencer

Many parents are put off taking long road trips with their younger children. They may feel more secure in a resort or package holiday environment, or they may feel that endless hours in the car with their young ones pose too many problems. Children can be a handful at the best of times, but taking [more]

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Driverless cars to be tested in the UK

Posted on July 17th, 2013, by Craig Hindmarsh

The Government has given the green light for plans to test self-driving cars on Britain’s public roads.

The project will be run by Nissan and Oxford University researchers, and will be undertaken on low-traffic roads. A back-up driver will be present in test vehicles as a precaution – and presumably supported by membership to a [more]

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