As with your car, regular servicing of your boiler means it should run smoothly all year round. Any issues can be remedied at an early stage, which should save time and money.

Boiler safety

Regular servicing also means your boiler will be much less likely to suffer a leak. Leaks in boilers are extremely uncommon, but they can be life-threatening when they do occur. Boilers in which there isn’t enough air for the combustion process, or which are otherwise faulty, can release Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) – a colourless, odourless poisonous gas which causes around 40 unintentional deaths in the UK each year. Around 200 people are admitted to hospital annually with suspected CO poisoning.

Maintaining efficiency

Another good reason for regular servicing is to ensure your boiler is running efficiently. If it is not, you could be spending more on your fuel bill than you need to. It should be operating to the specifications of the manufacturer, which in turn should maximise the boiler's life.

Both oil and gas fired boilers deteriorate over time. There are a number of reasons for this, but the two key ones are:

  • The heat exchanger surfaces become coated with soot from the combustion process
  • Air-to-fuel combustion ratios alter due to the wearing of components over time

A boiler service will remove the coating of soot and will ensure the ideal combustion conditions are re-established through careful adjustment.

Catching a mechanical problem early could mean it is less costly – and easier – to remedy. The cost of servicing your boiler could well be offset by running a more efficient boiler.

Newer boilers tend to be extremely efficient, but even they can become clogged over time. As your boiler gets older, it will be more susceptible to clogging, making regular servicing even more important in order to keep your energy bill under control.

High quality service

Boiler services should be carried out by a fully trained professional. This will ensure the work is done safely and correctly – so that the boiler delivers real savings on your fuel bill and is less likely to break down.

Managing boiler costs

Boilers can be very expensive to repair and because they so often break down in winter, they usually need to be repaired quickly. For many households, having to immediately find the money to fix a boiler can put a large hole in the monthly finances.

Home Emergency Cover can offer the peace of mind that if your boiler does break down, it will be repaired swiftly by a fully qualified, experienced technician – with no unexpected bill to pay. When you’re protected by this type of insurance, you simply call the number of your provider, who will send out a technician to fix your boiler.

Home Emergency Cover also covers other unexpected events such as burst pipes; infestation of mice, rats, wasps or hornets; and lost keys.

Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover from features a 24 hour call-out number, meaning you can expect an engineer to be sent out to fix your boiler straight away. Your routine should be minimally affected and you won’t have any invoice to pay. always recommend seeking the services of a professional tradesperson If you're not entirely comfortable carrying out repairs or maintenance by yourself.