Landscape gardeners are hired to work on all aspects of the garden environment. They may be required to work on lawns, flower beds, trees and shrubs and be asked to design and construct garden elements such as pathways, ponds, fences, walls and rockeries.

The role of a landscape gardener encompasses many potential components. Their job may involve preparing ground, weeding, raking, mowing, digging, mulching, pruning, fertilising, irrigating and selecting plants. Most landscape gardeners work in teams of two or more and they may hire other individuals with particular specialisms - such as garden designers (skilled at planning garden layouts) and arboriculturalists (who have the skills and tools to safely cut down branches and trees).


A landscaper will understand how well certain flowers, plants, trees and shrubs will grow in particular soil types and weather conditions. They will also have an understanding of how the design of a garden will impact the environment and its wildlife. For example, they will know how to attract more birds and bees to a garden environment and they will be able to advise on composting and mulching.


A good landscape gardener will be able to visualise how a garden will look at the planning stage.


While many people decide to work on their own garden, an experienced landscaper will already have the skills and experience to accomplish most tasks, making the process quicker. The landscaper may well have access to materials at 'trade cost', which could help keep costs down for you. And as part of their service they will know how to effectively remove garden waste created by their work.


Undertaking a garden task yourself may take longer and produce a less professional result, but compared to hiring a landscaper it is likely to be considerably cheaper - or even free if you do not require any specific materials or need to purchase new tools/equipment.


An established landscaper will have all the equipment and tools necessary to work on a garden: mowers, tools, safety clothing etc. They should also be insured.


What sort of jobs might you ask a garden landscaper to do?
  • Mow the lawn
  • Cut and weed overgrown areas of your garden
  • Rebuild garden walls
  • Repaint fences and sheds
  • Build a pond
  • Cut down overhanging branches
  • Create a rockery
  • Design and create a zen garden
  • Tidy or enhance a garden to make a property more sellable
  • Tidy or enhance a garden around a property that has just been purchased
How much does a garden landscaper cost?

According to, a landscaper costs between £110 and £180 per day, depending on such things as their experience and location. It's common for landscapers to work in teams of two, which may well comprise the main landscaper and a trainee/labourer.


What type of clients do landscape gardeners have?

A landscape gardener may work on all kinds of gardens, from small private gardens to large city parks.