Want to boost the realistic asking price for your home? You don't have to spend thousands on builders to improve its appearance: Here are some low-cost ways to enhance your home and put a smile on prospective buyers' faces.

1. Make a good first impression

The instant any prospective buyer sees your property, they will begin deciding if it is worth the asking price. It's crucial to create a good first impression by:


  • Fixing and/or painting fences and gates
  • Tidying and weeding the garden
  • Touching up window frames with paint


These tasks are fairly quick and cheap to do, but could support your asking price or even allow you to ask for more.


2. Make your interiors more spacious

A light interior feels more spacious than a poorly-lit interior. Do the following to increase the sense of space:


  • Re-paint interior rooms with white/lighter shades


  • Avoid bright or off-beat colours (a bright pink wall will be "one more job to fix" as far as most would-be buyers are concerned.)


  • Add more lighting


  • Consider installing a skylight


  • Add some mirrors - since they make rooms feel larger.
3. Fix any roof damage

A poor condition roof can knock thousands off a property's asking price. Make sure any missing tiles or leaks are fixed. As well as having a material impact on the price, if a roof looks to be in bad condition from the outside, a prospective buyer will know remedial work is required - and may wonder what else is in need of attention.


Clear drains and gutters to make your roof look more presentable.


4. Upgrade/clean carpets and flooring

Tarnished or worn carpets should be cleaned or replaced. You can hire special carpet cleaners if you choose the former. For wooden floors, consider sanding and varnishing them. Any aspect of your property that needs upgrading will be at the forefront of the would-be buyer's mind, and they will expect this to be reflected in the asking price.


5. Improve green credentials

Many buyers are looking for an energy efficient home - mainly to save money but also due to environmental considerations. By improving your home's insulation, you'll likely please many would-be buyers. You can purchase rolls of insulation in large DIY stores and lay it yourself.  Find out about insulation grants from the Energy Saving Trust - https://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/.


6. Spruce up your garden

We've already mentioned doing a spot of weeding before you take viewings, but enhancing your garden in general can have a huge impact on possible buyers. Gardening is popular among many - and a pretty garden could swing a purchase decision in your property's favour. Clean your patio, add fertiliser to your lawn and plant a few perennials - so your garden looks good all year round. A lick of paint for sheds and garden furniture can also make your garden more inviting.


7. Kitchens and bathrooms

Home-hunters pay a lot of attention to bathrooms and kitchens. If the tilework looks old, consider replacing it yourself - potentially using any left-over tiles from the last refit. Think about replacing old taps - which may well require a plumber’s expertise unless you're an experienced DIY-er.


8. Upgrade electrics

In today's gadget- and device-centric world, many prospective buyers expect plenty of power sockets. If your home has few outlets, consider having more installed strategically around the property.


9. Security improvements

Security is a big consideration for many house hunters. Ensure your property has motion/heat sensor lights (which will be more evident on evening viewings); chains on doors and generally robust windows/front doors.


10. Have a sensible budget

Once you begin home improvements, you could end up considering some very costly upgrades. However, be aware that there is probably a limit to how much a property in your area will fetch, so don't blow precious cash reserves on new additions that might not push up the sale price.