The interiors of certain types of modern radiator attract large volumes of dust over time. Thankfully, cleaning radiator interiors is fairly straightforward.

Why you should clean your radiators

As well as being unsightly, accumulated dust can reduce how effective a radiator is. Regular dusting can limit this impact and will help keep your home's air cleaner in general. Aim to clean your radiators at least once a year, if not once a month.


Turn off the radiator first

Turning off the radiator will eliminate the risk of being burned, and will stop the convection current from drawing more dust as you clean.


Accessing the interior of the radiator

The sides of most modern radiators can be removed for cleaning. Simply grip the top of a side panel and push from beneath. The panel should lift off easily. Repeat for the other side panel. As you remove these side panels, the top grille should pop off, revealing some very dusty fins.


To clean

Use a feather duster to clear away the dust inside. You might also use a handheld vacuum. Once the radiator interiors are fully cleaned, replace the side and top panels.

Some modern radiators do not have side panels or grilles, and would be cleaned much like older radiators, with a feather duster or a wet cloth.


Cleaning behind the radiator

You may find that a feather duster is insufficient for cleaning behind a radiator. A more effective alternative is a thin plank or stick, with a rag/towel wrapped around the end.


Cleaning the front of your radiators

A sponge and a little soapy water will make light work of any dirt on the front of your rads.

The importance of regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of your radiators will improve the capacity of your heating system; make your home’s air cleaner and healthier; and will give you the peace of mind that if someone does peer down into your radiators, they’ll be spotlessly clean!