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The Morgan Three Wheeler, upon first inspection, might not seem a particularly appealing mode of transport. Aside from the obvious road tax discount, what are the plus points? Heading out on the open roads inside a three wheeled vehicle might have been thought safely consigned to Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials, but Morgan has chosen to revive an old classic, and has gained the attention of every Morgan - not to mention Del Boy - fanatic in the UK.

By all accounts, it actually seems to be a pretty exciting vehicle to drive. This is partly because very few modes of transport require you to sit inside a tiny cabin without a roof and with only two small visors to protect you from the flies. While this three wheeler does not match the speeds or agility boasted by the vast majority of sports cars, the closeness to the ground and the open air aspect of the vehicle means this is quite a thrill to drive.

Perhaps it's the fact that the Morgan Three Wheeler seems to treat each one of your senses, with none of the air conditioned, leather upholstered comfort you get from an average modern hatchback; you're really placed out there, back on the road. This car seems to take you back to an age when driving was actually fun - if a little more dangerous.

The only real challenge with the Morgan Three Wheeler is working out whether you should take out motorbike breakdown cover, or a policy for a normal car. A small price to pay.