The Prime Minister wants the Department for Transport to investigate the possibility of restricting drivers who have recently passed their test.

The move could see young drivers receive a 'graduated licence' for a period after they pass their test. This could restrict where and when they are permitted to drive.

Northern Ireland already has such a system in place. Young drivers must display an 'R' (restricted) plate for 12 months after passing their test and are not allowed to drive faster than 45mph.

A number of other countries have similar rules in place.

In New Jersey, USA, newly-passed drivers are not allowed to drive with more than a single young passenger and cannot drive at night.

In Australia, those learning to drive will not receive a licence until 50 hours of supervised driving have been completed. They can also have their licence revoked after just three demerit points.

Any new rules in Great Britain or UK-wide would likely involve a one or two year probation period, similar to that of New Jersey. Night driving and carrying more than one young passenger would be prohibited.

Young drivers would also face a lower drink driving limit and would be restricted to vehicles with smaller engines.

Similar moves have been made in the past, but have been blocked by ministers. Concerns over restricting young people's employment or education prospects have seen such recommendations fail to receive approval.

With the youth unemployment rate at 12.2%, compared to the 4.2% average, adding challenges to the young people's job prospects may not be popular.

However, recent figures have revealed annual road deaths and injuries involving young drivers have hit 400.

The Prime Minister said: "There are too many people who suffer a loss and tragedy at the hands of learner drivers and we will look at that."

Leaner drivers already face new rules in the practical driving test, in which they must carry out a period of independent driving under instruction from a satnav system and carry out a new manoeuvre. In the near future, supervised motorway driving will also be part of the practical examination.