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‘Tis the season everyone, so we hope you're all in the festive spirit! Have you got friends and family visiting for the festive break, or have you decided to escape? Either way, is your boiler working and your home protected?… Take a look at's Home Emergency Cover and find how it could help. If you've decided to make the escape abroad, have you bought your Travel Insurance?
The recent cold snap has also brought adverse driving conditions with it – so you may want to check out our advice on using the roads when the temperature drops.
Home Emergency News & Advice
How to Save Money on Heating Bills
Heating accounts for 53% of household electricity and gas use. Reduce your bill with these useful tips from
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Common Roof Problems and How to Solve Them
Wind, rain and time can cause roofs to deteriorate, leading to dampness and leaks. Learn about some of the most common roofing problems and how to fix them.
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Motoring News & Advice
Driving in Heavy Fog: Safety Advice
With heavy fog forecast across the UK, it's crucial to modify your driving style: Read our tips on safe driving in the fog.
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Safe Driving in the Snow: 10 Things to Know
As snow falls across many parts of the UK, it’s crucial to prepare for icy road conditions on journeys to work or school. Here are 10 things you should know about driving in the snow…
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Vital Things to Check Before a Long Journey
We have a checklist of the aspects of your car you should look into before a long journey.
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How to Protect Your Motorbike This Winter
Winter can knock some serious value off your motorbike: but a few simple steps can protect it from salt, cold starts and other cold weather issues.
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