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During a tough winter your car gets put through its paces, so ensuring you have suitable breakdown cover in place is vital. But it’s not only your car that feels the effect of a cold winter – your central heating system is still working hard and with temperatures remaining below zero, now might be a good time to look at how our Home Emergency Cover could benefit you. However, just because it has been the coldest February for some time, it doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to spring! Have a read through our articles for advice and guides on the change of season.
Motoring News & Advice
£1,168: That's How Much UK Drivers Lost to Traffic Jams Last Year
The average UK driver lost £1,168 in 2017 thanks to time lost in traffic jams and associated motoring costs. London drivers lost an average of 74 hours in traffic, second only to Moscow in Europe (91 hours). Will the government’s £21bn road investment scheme be enough to reduce congestion?
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Know Your Car’s Load Limit? You Could Face a £300 Fine If Not
School holidays, camping trips, moving house – are you aware of your car’s load limits? Overloading is not only illegal, it can be dangerous for you and other road users. Now’s a good time to find out your load limit!
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High Accident Rate Could Mean Restrictions on Learner Drivers
Newly-passed drivers could face restrictions on when, where and how fast they can drive. The Prime Minister wants to tighten up road safety after figures revealed 400 deaths and serious injuries are recorded annually. But concerns remain that new rules could damage job and education prospects of young people.
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Alcohol-Related Road Casualties Rise by 20 Per Cent
Drink driving deaths in 2016 rose by 20 per cent compared to the previous year. While the DfT does not have a precise figure, the estimate suggests the first year-on-year increase since the year 2000. However, road deaths are still half what they were in 2005.
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Home Emergency News & Advice
No excess to pay, no call out charges, 24/7 assistance, large nationwide network of contractors - what else could you want from a home emergency cover policy? How about a £20 Amazon or M&S gift card to spend on anything you like? That’s right, with every new home emergency cover policy bought through our website, we’ll give you a £20 gift card*. All you need to do is sit back, safe in the knowledge that your home is covered for emergencies and think about what you could spend the money on.
Council Tax Set to Rise Across England
Most authorities across England are planning to increase council tax and service charges, a new survey suggests. The 2018 State of Local Government Finance research suggests 80 per cent of authorities will hike taxes by the maximum amount permitted before a referendum is triggered.
Uk Household Spending Now Higher Than Pre-Crisis Levels
UK household spending rose to £554.20 per week between April 2016 and March 2017, according to data compiled by the ONS. Households spent most money on transport, followed by recreation and culture, a category which was ranked second for the first time. The ONS said inflation may have encouraged households to bring forward ‘big ticket’ purchases.
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Leaky Roof? Here's What to Do
Has your roof sprung a leak? Don't panic. Call a reputable roofer to attend, then, if it is possible (and safe) to do so, try to find the leak and perform a temporary repair. Roofing tape, roofing cement or a tarpaulin may prove effective at preventing further damage.
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