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The end of July is almost upon us and summer is in full swing! As we look towards August, your attention might be turning to some sunny road trips around the UK or even in Europe. Let ease some possible worries by making sure your Breakdown Cover is up to date or taking a look at our Short Term European Cover. Why not also see if our Home Emergency Cover can help give you piece of mind during a time of increased pest infestation for only 22p a day!
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1st Central
We’ve partnered with 1st Central to give our customers a very special exclusive discount on their 5 star Defaqto rated car insurance. Enter your registration number to find out more!
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Auto Windscreens
A cracked windscreen needs be replaced straight away for legal and safety reasons. Use this special discount if you notice a crack in yours.
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Motoring News & Advice
Pre-2015 Diesels Face 50% Parking Charge Hike in Westminster
Owners of diesels built before 2015 face a parking charge increase of 50% in the city of Westminster.
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New UK Driving Test Receives Mixed Reactions from Motorists
Changes to the UK practical driving test will come into effect in December, but not all drivers are convinced they will make it better.
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10 Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself
Learning how to perform basic maintenance tasks on your motorcycle will keep your bike in great working order – and may save you money.
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Video: The Three-Lada 'Fidget Spinner' from Russia
A group of Russian mechanics have welded three Lada Samaras together and taken the resulting abomination for ‘a spin’. Watch the video now.
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If 10% of Drivers Switched to Motorbikes, What Would Happen?
A new study from Belgium suggests there could be dramatic benefits if just 10% of drivers swapped their cars for motorcycles.
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Home Emergency Advice
5 Common UK Pests – and How to Get Rid of Them
Pest infestations are an increasing problem in the UK. Here we list five of the most common – and how to get rid of them.
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The Best Ways to Secure Your Home
This list includes some well-known – and not so well known – approaches to home security.
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