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The long winter is behind us and we can begin to look forward to sunnier climes and bank holidays. To take advantage of the long weekends you might be planning a road trip to see family or friends, in which case, is your breakdown cover up to date? If you’re thinking of taking your car on a European adventure, then our Four and Five Star cover options will give you peace of mind if your vehicle suffers a breakdown on the Continent.
As ever, we have compiled our most popular news and guides this month to include everything from driving laws to wiring a plug.
Motoring News & Advice
Overtaking Cyclists: Will a Minimum Passing Distance Become Law?
The Department for Transport is considering a minimum passing distance for overtaking cyclists. One police operation used a 1.5m minimum as a guide. Other laws are also being considered for safer cycling - including the ‘Dutch Reach’ system, which helps prevent cyclists being knocked over by drivers opening their doors
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UK Driving Law Changes for 2018
2018 is a big year for changes to UK driving laws. The introduction of digital photo licences, new diesel car taxes, scrappage of MOTs for classic cars, motorway law changes, new MOT test categories and a possible ban on night driving for newly-passed drivers. Diesel car owners may benefit from new scrappage schemes.
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Pavement Parking Could Lead to Fine of £70
The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering a ban on pavement parking, with possible fines of £50 or £70 for offenders. A ban on pavement parking in London has been in place for nearly 40 years. Critics of a nationwide ban say it could increase congestion.
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Motorway Driving: How to Stay Safe
UK motorways are the nation’s safest roads, but when an accident does occur it can be very serious. Read our guide to driving safely and sensibly on our motorways: information about entering and exiting, correct lane usage, speed limits, Active Traffic Management (smart) motorways, night driving and more.
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10 Most Dangerous UK Roads for Motorcyclists
With drier spring-time roads and with summer just around the corner, you might be thinking it's time to dust off the motorcycle. But before you head out for your first jaunt of motorcycle season, you might want to check the list below, it details the top 10 UK roads that have the highest percentage of motorcycle crashes.
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Woman Spills Beans on Car Vandalism Attack
A woman in Cumbria found her car covered in baked beans after apparently blocking a gate. She found the pool of tomato-flavoured legumes after returning to a BAE Systems car park in Cumbria, where she left her vehicle. Emma, 30, decided to snap the pool of beans and post her ordeal to social media.
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Home Emergency News & Advice
Buying a Property: What Costs Will I Need to Pay?
The purchase price of any new home is of course the biggest cost of buying a new home. But there are a number of other costs, such as stamp duty and solicitor's fees, which can easily add several thousand pounds to the final outlay.
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Wiring a Plug: A Step-By-Step Guide
Follow our step-by-step guide on how to wire a plug safely and effectively. You will need a screwdriver and something to cut away the plastic covering each wire. Older appliances may have different coloured wires - read on to learn more.
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