The sun is low and bright, the leaves on the trees are turning colour and the temperature is steadily falling. A changing season can lead to a picturesque landscape, but it can also bring about unwanted driving conditions. Getting dazzled by the sun and dealing with a slippery road can be very hazardous, so take some time to have a look at our motoring advice guides that we’ve specially selected for you. Also, if you missed our news articles over the last month, we’ve included a couple of the most interesting for you.
Our News and Advice This October
Checklist for Autumn Driving
Stay safe and visible this Autumn: read our checklist for Autumn driving – telling you how to deal with low-sun dazzle, ice, tyre maintenance and other issues.
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Sun Glare Risk to UK Motorists: How to Stay Safe
Sun dazzle causes thousands of accidents each year, so it is important to be prepared to minimise its ill-effects.
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How to Deal with Floods and Heavy Rain
As the UK is prone to very wet weather, it's important to know how to deal with floods and heavy rain when on the road.
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Motorcycling: How to Prepare for Different Weather Conditions
The experience of riding your motorcycle can vary depending on the weather conditions. Here are some tips for safer driving in wet, hot and windy weather.
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Popular News Articles
Texting Drivers to Face Six Point Penalty and £200 Fine
Drivers caught using their phone behind the wheel will face a £200 fine and six points on their licence, under new rules.
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The 10 Films That Destroyed the Most Cars
Which movies destroyed the most cars during production? Find out by reading this handy list...
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