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Autumn is really beginning to show all of its tell-tale signs as we come to the end of September. When the mecury falls in tandem with the leaves a whole new set of driving and travel challenges become apparent. However, it's not only out on the road that the change of season can affect us. Even if you're the kind of person that insists on wearing shorts until November 1st, you're likely to start cranking up the boiler. Not to worry though, has a range of vehicle and boiler breakdown options just for you.
Motoring News & Advice
Autumn driving: how to stay safe on the road
It’s time to prepare for autumn driving conditions. Antifreeze, batteries, tyres and windscreens all need to be checked. Be ready with our Autumn Driving Guide.
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Motorcycling: How to prepare for different weather conditions
The experience of riding your motorcycle can vary depending on the weather conditions. Here are some tips for safer driving in wet, hot & windy weather.
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7 copycat cars - with pictures
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - but tell that to the car designers who've had their ideas copied by Chinese firms. Check out these seven familiar-looking motors.
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9 ill-advised things people have done on the road
From sewing behind the wheel to driving with a sheep on your lap - we explore nine silly things that have been done on the road
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Home Emergency News & Advice
No excess to pay, no call out charges, 24/7 assistance, large nationwide network of contractors - what else could you want from a home emergency cover policy? How about a £20 Amazon or M&S gift card to spend on anything you like? That’s right, with every new home emergency cover policy bought through our website, we’ll give you a £20 gift card*. All you need to do is sit back, safe in the knowledge that your home is covered for emergencies and think about what you could spend the money on.
Does a bigger home = more happiness?
A recent article by Glasgow University's Dr Foye for the BBC asks if having a bigger home would actually make us happier.
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Why you should get your boiler serviced
As with your car, regular servicing of your boiler means it should run smoothly all year round.
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