Doing it yourself can be hugely satisfying, whether you’re repainting your living room or repairing a damaged dining table. Here we bring you 10 simple but ingenious DIY hacks to make home renovation and redecoration easier and even more rewarding.

1. Coffee in your scratched coffee table

Repair scratches in your table tops by making a thick paste with soluble coffee and some water. Rub this mixture into the striations or dents until they are filled. You may need to do this several times – before varnishing. You can also use shoe polish instead of coffee, which has the added benefit of being available in various colours.

2. Tee'd off with unsightly screw holes?

Wedge a golf tee in the offending screw hole, then cut off the protruding section with a hack saw. File and sand down to finish.

3. Thread that needle in seconds

Apply hair spray to a length of cotton; it will harden and be much easier to thread.

4. Squeaky door hinges

Apply talcum powder to quieten that noisy hinge. Edible oils such as vegetable or olive oil can also be used – best applied with rag or tissue. Extra tip: talcum powder can also be used on squeaky floorboards.

5. Secure that slipping rug

Use double-sided sticky tape to keep the rug in place and prevent any unwanted incidents.

6. Dripping tap - quick fix

Cut a piece of dental floss and wrap one end around the dripping faucet, then lay the rest into the drain. The drips will adhere to the floss and you'll be able to get some peace and quiet until a more permanent repair can be made.

7. Keep your paint fresh

Keep your paint fresh and ready to use next time by adding a few tablespoons of methylated spirits. Leave it to sit on top; do not stir.

8. Keep brushes and rollers moist

Wrap them in cling film so they don’t dry out. It saves water, effort and time.

9. Impromptu cutting guide

Tease out a thread from a piece of cloth or linen, then pull straight and use as a cutting guide. Great when a ruler or tape measure is not handy.

10. Prevent dripping paint cans

Take a disposable paper plate that is an inch or two wider in diameter than the paint can and glue to its base. always recommend seeking the services of a professional tradesperson If you're not entirely comfortable carrying out repairs or maintenance by yourself.