Car Breakdown Cover from is a leading car breakdown cover specialist giving peace of mind to thousands of motorists every year! As well as giving you the protection you need out on the roads, you’ll find we have some of the most competitive prices in the market.

You’re sure to find the policy that suits your needs across our five different levels of cheap breakdown cover. There are different features and benefits included in each level of cover, so you can effectively choose a bespoke policy just for you.

Car Breakdown Cover and Car Breakdown Insurance

Whether you’re looking for breakdown recovery, car roadside assistance or breakdown insurance, it can be found within our cover options. Our cover levels also vary in price, so you can be sure there’ll be something to suit your budget. However, you may still have some questions that you need answering before you make any decisions, so we’ve put together a few of the most commonly asked ones below.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Car Breakdown Cover?

Car breakdown cover is an insurance policy that provides roadside recovery when the policy holder's car unexpectedly suffers a mechanical or electrical fault or has been involved in an accident.

  • Once the breakdown has been reported, a recovery operator will be dispatched to repair or assist with the vehicle.
  • Dependent on the level of cover you choose, we will either assist you 1 mile away from your registered address, at your registered address or within the European territorial limits.
  • If, in the opinion of the recovery operator, they are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside within 60 minutes, we will:
  • Either:
    • Arrange for your vehicle, you and the passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage (within 10 miles of the scene of the breakdown) which is able to undertake the repair.
  • Or:
    • If the above is not possible or the repair cannot be made in the same working day, we will arrange for your vehicle, you and the passengers to be transported to your chosen destination (within 10 miles from the scene of the breakdown with One Star cover, or nationwide with Two, Three, Four and Five Star cover).
  • We will pay up to £250 towards the cost of alternative travel or car hire if your vehicle is unable to be repaired on the same working day. We will also pay up to £150 for one person to return to collect the repaired vehicle.
  • Sometimes your journey cannot be completed and we will need to provide emergency overnight accommodation. In these circumstances we will pay up to £150 for a lone traveller or £75 per person for one night’s accommodation, including breakfast (Maximum payment per incident is £500).
  • If your broken down vehicle is towing a caravan or trailer we will recover it at no extra cost, provided the caravan/trailer is fitted with a standard towing hitch.
  • If you lose, break, or lock your keys within your vehicle, we will pay the callout and mileage charges back to the recovery operator’s base or your home address if closer.
  • To ease your worry we will pass on two messages to your home or work place to let them know of your situation.
  •’s Five Star cover level also includes:
    • If you’re unable to continue your journey due to illness or injury (and none of your passengers are able to drive), we will cover the cost of an alternative driver to return the vehicle to a nominated destination within the territorial limits (UK). If you can’t go with your vehicle we will pay up to £1000 for alternative transport to where your vehicle is.
    • If you’re not able to move your vehicle due to theft or vandalism, we will recover your vehicle to your home address or nominated garage within a five mile radius of your home address. If you can’t go with your vehicle and you are more than one mile away from your home, we will pay up to £1000 for alternative transport to where your vehicle is.
    • Accident Cover Plus - If your vehicle is rendered immobile due to an accident, we will provide the same service as above.
  • Please read the terms and conditions fully to make sure you are purchasing the correct cover to suit your needs.


Which breakdown cover is right for me?

Choosing the breakdown cover that’s right for you can be quite difficult once you factor in all of the varying features and benefits some policies offer. Here, at, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible so you know that the cover you choose is the right one for you. We’ve broken our cover down in to straightforward levels, for example:

  • One Star cover level is our cheapest option, but you can still get a wealth of features. If your vehicle breaks down more than a mile away from your home address our service provides roadside assistance (within a 10 mile radius of the incident) and recovery for your vehicle, you and the passengers. Alternative travel, emergency overnight accommodation, keys and a message service are all included, we’ll even recover your trailer or caravan at no extra cost!
  • Two Star cover level has all the benefits of One Star cover level, but you’ll also get nationwide recovery.
  • Three Star cover level will give you roadside assistance and nationwide recovery as well as Home Assist, so we can help you at your registered address. This is our most popular cover level.
  • Four Star cover level provides roadside assistance and recovery within the territorial limits (UK & Europe), which makes it perfect if you’re planning a road trip abroad.
  • Five Star cover level is our most feature rich breakdown cover. It includes roadside assistance and nationwide recovery (UK & Europe), home assist, alternative travel, emergency overnight accommodation, keys and a message service, but you also get cover for illness or injury, Accident Cover Plus and vandalism or theft.
  • However, if you're looking for a policy to cover yourself and others in your household in any car then our Personal Covercould be right for you.
  • If you want to cover more than one car in your household then our Multi Car Breakdown Cover offers an additional discount.
  • You may just want to cover your car for a short holiday in Europe. If so, our Short Term European Cover might be the right choice for you.

Whichever one of our comprehensive cover levels you choose, we always highly recommend reading through the policy wording.


How do I purchase Breakdown Cover Online?

Our secure online purchasing systems can make setting up your car breakdown cover fast and simple.

  • First read through our available cover levels and policy wording
  • Find the right cover for you
  • Let us know your vehicle details and register your contact information
  • Then simply invest in your chosen cover from and make the most of our reliable and dependable car roadside assistance
  • You’ll then also have access to our exclusive customer deals, including discounts on Home Emergency Cover, airport car parking, Travel Insurance and much more!

You can also use our online services to amend or renew any existing policies you may have for your vehicles. Choose the best cover today and join the thousands of other UK customers who rely on our quality service.


What is a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto?

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What do I do if I breakdown?

If you do happen to suffer a vehicle breakdown, please read through our guide here.

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