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If you Break Down

In the event of a breakdown, please call 01206 785999 or if you are unable to connect using that number, please call 0333 320 0975.

We will require the following information:
  • Your return telephone number. This will allow us to immediately call you back if we need to.
  • Your policy number, this is found on your breakdown policy schedule.
  • Your vehicle registration number.
  • Your precise location details (or please provide details as accurately as you are able to in the circumstances).
  • The problem with the vehicle.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, please send us a text message containing your full name, policy number, vehicle registration and policy postcode to 07537 404890.

Once we have taken the details and made all the arrangements, we will contact you to advise who will be assisting you and how long they are expected to take. If you are able to, please ensure your mobile phone is available to accept calls or texts at all times, just in case we need to contact you.

Alternatively you can download and install our free 'Start Rescue' app to your smartphone. Once installed you just need to complete a simple registration process and you're good to go!
In the event of a breakdown:
  • Load the app
  • Select the 'Report Breakdown' option
  • Wait for the app to locate you, confirm the location displayed on the map and select 'Continue'
  • You will then be presented with a list of common faults with a vehicle. Select the option you believe to be the fault and press 'Send Report'
  • The details are then sent to our rescue co-ordinators whom will review the details and call you back to confirm the situation and arrange assistance

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Report your breakdown online

Report your breakdown using our self-service app.

Enter your mobile number below and we will send you an SMS to complete it online. Find out more in our video.

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