Personal Breakdown Cover from's Personal Cover allows you and up to 3 others in the same household to be covered for whichever vehicle* you are using to travel. It couldn’t be easier to set up and buy your Personal Cover as there is no need to register any vehicle* on the policy. Your Personal Cover policy can be set up initially just for yourself and additional household members requiring Personal Cover can be added at any time during the policy term. You can purchase cover just for a specific vehicle on our Annual Breakdown Cover page.

Vehicle Breakdown Insurance

As one of the leading providers of vehicle breakdown insurance, offers you a wide range of policies for different needs and budgets. Our Personal Cover policies, for example, ensure you're covered in the event of a breakdown no matter what vehicle you're travelling in - it doesn't have to be the vehicle registered on your policy. While all our vehicle breakdown insurance packages offer real flexibility to the motorist, our Personal Cover product offers even more peace of mind, no matter where you are in the UK, or who you're with. If you want the same level of vehicle breakdown insurance whilst in mainland Europe, our Four and Five Star policies provide cover on the vehicle you register on your policy.

Personal Breakdown Cover

Breaking down can be a stressful experience both for yourself and those travelling with you. But personal breakdown cover from ensures that even if you're travelling in the car of a friend, acquaintance or relative - you can be sure that our experienced Recovery Operators will be on hand should you need roadside assistance.

Car Recovery Policy

Come rain or shine, day or night, when you take out a car recovery policy with, our Recovery Operators are ready to provide assistance around the clock, should the vehicle you're travelling in breakdown. We believe in minimising the stress in such situations, namely by delivering first class roadside assistance with some of the best policy benefits available.

What is Personal Breakdown Cover?

Personal breakdown cover is an insurance policy that provides roadside assistance cover for the policy holder in any car they are travelling in. It is important that you understand whether personal breakdown cover is the correct policy for you and you are fully aware of the policy key facts.


* If you purchased Personal Cover, you will be covered when using one of the following vehicles for travel:

  1. Cars of any age;
  2. Motorcycles of any age;
  3. Vans up to 8 years old at the time this policy incepted, which do not exceed 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

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