Motoring News

Rush hour queues in the UK could come to an end, thanks to the development of smart traffic lights. The new systems have been designed to identify heavy traffic and change traffic light patterns to reduce congestion. The new artificial intelligence driven systems will appear first in Milton Keynes, where £3m is being invested in the technology. The system should be online by September of next year.
Programming your satnav while driving is the most attention-absorbing – and dangerous – activity for modern drivers, a new experiment has concluded. Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart teamed up with Carbuyer – an AutoExpress sister title – in order to carry out the tests. British Formula 3 racing driver Jamie Chadwick joined AutoExpress consumer editor Joe Finnerty in an advanced driving simulator in order to pinpoint how driver concentration is impacted by a variety of distractions.
Harley Davidson is embarking on a complete overhaul of its motorcycle line-up – the most dramatic in the company's history. The firm plans to develop 100 new models over the coming decade. Electric bikes will be included in the range, according to Drive. The fact that electric bikes are part of the company's long-term plan was made public by Bill Davidson, the vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee – and the great grandson of Harley’s founder, William A Davidson.
The month of April saw car sales plunge by nearly 20%, following reductions to green car grants and price increases. Month on month new car registrations dropped to 152,076, driven by lower diesel sales, but also by falls in hybrid and electric car sales. Demand for so-called green cars had not fallen for four years, demonstrating the effectiveness of government subsidies.
For many motorcyclists with an interest in electric battery technologies, recent news that they would benefit from a grant to buy one was met with some optimism. However, despite the introduction of some very promising electric motorcycles – such as Denmark's Fenris – the list of subsidised bikes is rather modest. As far as many are concerned, the list was drawn up small - and it has stayed that way.
A car hire firm has apologised after it suggested the island of Sark is an ideal place for a leisurely road trip. Cars are banned on the tiny island in the English Channel. The marketing gaffe was made on the Avis website, on which it suggested "virtually untouched" Sark was the perfect location for a leisurely drive. The international car hire firm has since apologised and has made a £500 donation to the local Sark charity, The Sark Sanctuary Centre.