Motoring News

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, took Triumph's latest bike for a spin while at the MIRA Technology Park in Warwickshire. The royal donned a helmet and tried out the all-new Tiger 1200, despite the fact his wife does not like him anywhere near two-wheeled machines.
Drink driving deaths in 2016 rose by 20 per cent compared to the previous year. While the DfT does not have a precise figure, the estimate suggests the first year-on-year increase since the year 2000. However, road deaths are still half what they were in 2005.
Newly-passed drivers could face restrictions on when, where and how fast they can drive. The Prime Minister wants to tighten up road safety after figures revealed 400 deaths and serious injuries are recorded annually. But concerns remain that new rules could damage job and education prospects of young people.
HumanDrive, comprising tech firms, universities and government agencies, aims to design a 200-mile driverless car route across Britain. Part of the UK's efforts to lead the autonomous vehicle revolution, the test will happen in 2019. It’s been called “the most complex journey yet attempted across the UK without driver input.”
The German government has expressed shock following reports that humans and monkeys inhaled diesel fumes as part of experiments by a German car industry-funded research body. EUGT was set up to counter a 2012 WHO decision to class diesel fumes as a carcinogen. BMW, VW and Daimler reportedly funded the tests.
The term "rust bucket" is somewhat over-used in the realm of cars which are past their best, but police in Crewe recently found a vehicle that could be the dictionary definition. Officers spotted a car on a public road that was in an incredibly dangerous condition, with a battered body, no windows, lights, mirrors, tax or insurance. Police saw the car drive on a main and road then onto a side street, before pulling it over.