Motoring News

An app designed to help people report possible modern slavery at car washes has revealed 930 suspicious cases across the UK.
Volkswagen has teamed up with subscription firm Drover to provide a car subscription service to UK customers. The pilot scheme offers Golfs, Passats and Tiguans.
Is it feasible for the UK government to start a new car maker if Brexit takes place? One leading automotive journalist thinks so.
Around 100 motorists in Coventry will be paid to ditch their cars in favour of greener modes of transport - such as hired electric cars - in an effort to limit pollution from high emissions vehicles.
A new PSPO in Bradford will see £100 fines levied on those who exhibit anti-social behaviour in the city, including playing music too loud, shouting and swearing from their cars.
The Triumph TR6 Trophy, used in the 1963 war epic The Great Escape, will be used to re-create the famous Steve McQueen jump at a charity event to be beamed UK-wide.

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