Motoring News

A cow has been spotted being transported in the back of a Volkswagen Passat on a South Wales motorway, prompting a police investigation. South Wales Police said they were looking into any possible offences relating to either motoring infringements or animal welfare.
When petroleum giants start investing in electric car technologies, you know the days of fossil fuels are numbered. BP, the UK's biggest oil and gas company, has acquired Chargemaster, the country's largest electric vehicle charging network. While BP makes much of its UK revenue from selling petrol and diesel through its 1,200 forecourts, it knows that the era of the combustion engine is coming to an end.
Few products can claim to be more American than Harley Davidson - which is one of the reasons President Donald Trump is so fond of it. But the mood between POTUS and Harley has soured considerably in recent weeks, after the firm said it proposed moving some manufacturing to Asia. Harley's bottom line is under great pressure since Europe announced a 31% tax on the company’s US-made motorcycles.
The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's most famous attractions - but few of those who relax in its hot, powder-blue depths realise that they are bathing in waste water from the Svartsengi geothermal power station, just a little way off. The station ensures nearby towns have plenty of energy and hot water, in the process producing carbon dioxide - a gas long known to contribute to global warming.
Aside from their luxurious appearance and relative rarity, one of the main selling points of Tesla electric cars is that their production results in less greenhouse gases than regular petrol-driven cars. But a team of UK-based analysts have suggested the Tesla Model S is as bad for the environment as its combustion engine counterparts. The problem, say the analysts, is that the energy needed to charge a Tesla battery comes largely from power stations.
For die-hard petrol-driven motorcycle fans, the electric motorcycle just doesn't have the power and noisy sense of occasion possessed by its bigger brother. But San Francisco-based Zero aims to change all that, by taking its current line-up on a tour of the UK. Members of the public will be able to test-ride a Zero for free, in one of eight locations.