Motoring News

From January 13 2018 it will be illegal to charge debit/credit card fees on goods and services in the EU.
France will ban the sale of all petrol- and diesel-driven cars by 2040, in what is being hailed as a 'revolution' by the nation's ecology minister, Nicolas Hulot. The ban on fossil fuel vehicles was announced by Mr Hulot, as part of France’s renewed commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Deal. At present, only 1.2% of the French car market is comprised of pure electric vehicles, while hybrids account for only 3.5% of cars sold.
The price of driving on the M6 toll road in a car will rise by 40p on August 7. The prices will be £5.90 for daytime main tolls and £4.40 for daytime ramps – also called 'local tolls'. HGV prices have been frozen. Fees for other vehicle classes, alongside weekend and night prices, are not set to change. The 27 mile stretch of road in the West Midlands was built through an early form of public private partnership by Midland Expressway Limited (MEL).
Westminster City Council has introduced a £2.45 "D-Charge" for most diesel cars in an effort to combat pollution in the London borough. The charge will affect diesels made before 2015, which effectively means pre-2015 diesel car owners will see hourly parking charges leap by 50%. The charge will affect areas of central London including Hyde Park, Fitzrovia and Marylebone. This is the first time a UK city council has penalised diesel car owners by raising parking charges.
The practical driving test in the UK is set to undergo a substantial overhaul on December 4, 2017. Among the big changes is the removal of the three-point turn, as well as reversing around a corner. New aspects of the test will include taking satnav directions and reversing out of a parking bay. Most controversial of all, however, is a manoeuvre that involves the candidate pulling over into oncoming traffic and reversing two car lengths.
Three-car abomination gives new meaning to the phrase ‘going for a spin’ Q: How do you double the value of a Lada? A: Fill it with petrol. While former Lada owners may nod sagely at this old joke, one group of Russian petrol heads have dreamt up a new way to give the Lada ‘brand value’: by turning three of them into a giant fidget spinner.