Motoring News

A new system is being tested in Sweden which can interrupt in-car audio systems to warn drivers that an ambulance needs to get past. The system was dreamt up by students of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the city of Stockholm. Alongside a voice warning, the radio displays a text message. Speakers are jammed and music stopped through the FM radio signal. Only cars with their radios turned on will receive the warning.
The demise of diesel cars has been predicted by UK car industry bosses, with the increased take-up of electric cars. Over the next five years investment in battery electric car technology will rise dramatically, according to 93 per cent of car chiefs. 62 per cent believe that diesel technology will become less important to car makers.
2016 was a monumental year for the global car industry, with a host of new technologies taking big leaps towards the mainstream. Transportation affects every aspect of our lives, so the direction of the car industry is of great importance to us all. Autonomous car tech from the likes of Google and Apple continues to develop, while Tesla's forthcoming Model 3 may put electric cars within the reach of millions;
For those considering either an electric motorcycle or an electric bike, Monday Motorbikes' M-1 could be the perfect alternative. There are many electric cars, motorbikes and scooters currently on the market, but nothing quite like the M-1. Similar to an electric moped, this machine also gives you the option of good old-fashioned manual cycling. The company behind the product was previously called the Bolt M-1 when it was launched on Indiegogo in 2015, but has since been rebranded the M-1.
Dramatic images of a Vauxhall Corsa bursting into flames are yet to be explained, as calls are made for changes to the way car fire investigations are carried out. There is concern among some motorists that some manufacturing faults are not being pinpointed in a timely manner. The driver of the car in the above link told ITV News he was concerned that the carmaker had yet to carry out an inspection on his vehicle.
One winter, me and the missus got to housesit for someone who was going to the USA for a few months. It was ideal: We didn’t have to pay any rent, just promise to keep the grass down and make sure the battery in the owner's old Ford Fiesta didn't go flat in the cold. Well, I managed to dig out the Fly-mo and do the lawn the day before she came back. The Fiesta's battery? Not so fortunate.