Motoring News

An urgent review of the law in relation to reckless cycling is to be undertaken by the government, following a number of serious road incidents involving bicycles. Ministers have announced that the review will look at whether or not laws governing the behaviour of people in motorised vehicles should be extended to cover cyclists. According to the transport minister, Jesse Norman, other changes to road safety laws would also be looked at as part of the probe.
The number of cyclist deaths related to hitting car doors as they open should be tackled by encouraging the 'Dutch reach' method, a charity has said. The danger of cyclists being killed by people who do not look behind them before opening car doors has been highlighted by charity Cycling UK. The charity wants people to embrace the 'Dutch reach' method, whereby car occupants open the door with the hand furthest from the exit, in so doing limiting how far the door can open.
BMW has announced it will build the all-new electric MINI in Cowley, Oxford. Great news for UK workers and the nation’s manufacturing prowess. But how strong are MINI’s British roots? Will they survive globalisation – and Brexit? The Mini Cooper of the 1960s quickly became an icon of British design. The diminutive car proved that great things could come in small packages, and, along with other classics like the Beetle, showed that small cars could be very, very cool.
New motorcycle registrations have fallen for the seventh month in a row, while year-on-year sales have dropped by 12.8 per cent. July saw 8,992 new motorcycle registrations, down from 10,261 in July of last year. The latest figures, released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), also revealed that 62,129 motorcycles have been registered so far this year, compared to 71,623 by the end of July of 2016.
Car finance is on the increase in the UK, with approximately 86 per cent of private new car purchases using a credit facility in the year up to June. The use of dealership finance is around double what it was in 2009, equating to a 20 per cent rise each year since then. As a result, the Bank of England has become increasingly concerned over a new credit bubble driven by cheap motor finance. But are we facing a 'car loan time bomb' as a recent Sun headline suggested?
Ford has announced it will discount £2,000 from some of its new models if the buyer agrees to scrap their old car. The deal will apply to cars of any brand built before 2010, and will include petrol engine as well as diesel cars. Incentives by rivals such as BMW and Mercedes have only included diesel cars, meaning this offer might be taken up by many more car owners.