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The Labour Party has unveiled plans to invest £250bn in UK households to cut carbon emissions and energy bills. Nearly every home in the country would benefit under the proposals.
Looking for a new crossover car for your on-road - and possibly off-road - shenanigans? You're spoilt for choice in this ever-popular segment.
Consumers in the UK and Sweden will be able to buy an all-electric Uniti One by the middle of next year. Available in any colour, as long as its silvery-grey.
Japanese modular house builder Sekisui has taken a 35% stake in UK firm Urban Splash, with a view to upping output from 200 to 2,000 homes a year.
Will a no-deal Brexit precipitate a housing crash? Financial analysts and the OBR predict it will, with expected price falls of between 10% and 20%.
Would you decide whether or not to date someone based on the car they drive? A new click4reg survey suggests you just might…

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