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There's no denying the ambition behind Ride 3. Developer Milestone has been churning out games for motorcycle fans for years, but Ride 3 represents something of a purist's motorcycle racing sim.
Customers at some Tesco stores will be able to charge their cars for free, under a new scheme planned in partnership with Volkswagen.
As uncertainty over Brexit reaches fever pitch, a number of foreign-owned UK car-makers are preparing to close their production sites around the country.
New police tactics to tackle moped crime are having a significant impact, but some lawyers and MPs have criticised the approach.
The government has proposed a new cyclist awareness course to help reduce cyclist deaths on UK roads. Those who pass it could see reductions in their insurance premium.
10 of the hottest new cars for 2019: explore new electrics, hybrids and classic petrol-powered sports cars - due to hit showrooms next year.