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There are several reasons why we should be aware of our vehicle's fuel economy figures: a good MPG figure means lower fuel costs, lower emissions and a less costly Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) band. Sadly, official fuel economy data tends to diverge from real-world driving by a large margin. And the disparity between official and real-word figures is getting wider, having increased from an average of 8 per cent in 2000, to a substantial 40 per cent by 2014.
The average UK house price has increased 106 times since 1966, according to Trussle, an internet mortgage broker. In the year England won the World Cup, the average British house price was £2,006. Today, the average is £211,000. Wages, meanwhile, have only risen at a third of that rate – from an average of £798 a year to £26,500.
Most of us are fairly decent, rule-abiding motorists. At worst, we might think we look like Ryan Gosling out of Drive, while actually looking more like Mr Bean in his Mini Metro; or think that we resemble Thelma or Louise, when we're actually more like Maureen Rees from the BBC's Driving School. But there are moments when common sense departs at Junction 14 of the M25, leaving some people to commit driving stunts that are as ill-considered
The annual Isle of Man TT race usually has its fair share of high-profile visitors, but few come more esteemed than the Duke of Cambridge. In his first official visit to the island, Prince William met members of the public and posed for photos on a super-bike. The prince has a well-publicised love of motorcycles, but his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, is less keen on the machines - especially when her husband is riding one.
Police have been given assurances they will not be prosecuted for pursuing riders without helmets, as the Home Office launches a consultation on the subject.
An elderly couple from Gloucester have forgotten where they parked their car, following a visit to Cheltenham hospital. They have offered £100 finder’s reward.