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A car's MPG figure is increasingly important for car buyers. The higher the figure, the less money spent on fuel and the lower the emissions – which benefits the environment and can reduce or eliminate Vehicle Excise Duty. The current crop of high MPG vehicles is dominated by electric vehicles.
Could building upwards – rather than outwards – solve the UK's continuing housing crisis? That's what one group of influential housing associations believes. Writing to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, housing associations G15, Placeshapers, Midland Heart, Orbit, and Place for People stated: "We believe that, "build up not out" has the potential to substantially increase the supply of sites for development.
UK motorways will see traffic lights installed for the very first time in an effort to reduce congestion. Highway England will initiate the trial programme – set to cost £7m – in December. The location selected for the trial is the Croft interchange near Warrington, at the meeting point of the M6's junction 21A and the M62's junction 10. Traffic lights will function during the busiest times of the day.
UK motorists could face an automatic MOT failure if they do not carry out necessary repairs following a vehicle recall. The failure of drivers to respond to recalls is viewed by the Government as impacting road safety. The Government agrees that more needs to be done to improve road safety after a review into the Vauxhall Zafira fires; more than 55,000 Zafira owners did not have necessary repairs carried out.
More than 300 vehicles are clamped every day in the UK, according to data released by the DVLA. The numbers were released as the government agency launched a new campaign urging drivers to tax their cars. The campaign slogan warns simply, "tax it or lose it". DVLA chief executive Oliver Morley said: "This campaign targets those who break the law by not taxing their car.
The Triumph TR6 motorcycle that featured in The Great Escape has gone on show for the first time. The motorcycle was ridden by Steve McQueen in the film and was used for a particular well-loved stunt jump – one of many scenes that helped make the 1963 movie a classic. Restoration of the prized machine took around two months, with 95 per cent of the original parts used. The TR6 is in "full working order", according to Dick Shepherd, the man who restored it.