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Few things fill one with such glee as taking receipt of a brand spanking new motor: four perfectly formed rubber tyres, that new upholstery smell - and a bill that could have got you a deposit on a small house. But at least you can sell it for a decent sum later on, right? Well, that depends on if you buy a stinker or not. Some cars deprecate faster than others and in this list we reveal ten of the worst ones, based on CAP data.
While the promise of a long weekend can be a very welcome one, there’s always a worry that heavy traffic will put a downer on things. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A little preparation goes a long way: by opting to drive on quieter roads at peak times and busier roads at off-peak times, you should be able to keep moving at a good pace – and save money on fuel.
The updated Range Rover Sport will go on sale later this year, with a starting price of almost £60,000. The off-roader features a UK-built Ingenium engine – the same 2.0 litre unit already available in Evoques and Discovery Sports. The new motor will enable the Range Rover Sport to reach 62mph in just eight seconds and should return 45.6mpg – at least on paper.
Pedestrians in Glasgow's West End encountered an unusual scene on the weekend, when they found a Volkswagen had rolled backwards over a wall and come to a rest on the roof of a Fiat 500. Nobody was injured in the incident, which occurred in Southpark Avenue on Sunday. The two owners contacted police before equipment was brought in to remove the VW. According to a spokeswoman neither car was occupied at the time.
With the exception of the Leicester City squad – who each received a brand new BMW i8 for winning the Premier League last season – most EPL players choose their own wheels. Here we take a look at some of the league's most ostentatious four-wheeled purchases.
BMW has long been the ultimate status symbol – the 'I've made it' car. Few of us really need a car with the performance, looks and build quality of a Bimmer, but for many car lovers it is, as the slogan goes, the ultimate driving machine. But zip back 100 years and the forerunner of BMW, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, was building canvas biplanes. Established in Munich on March 7, 1916, the firm eventually became Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in 1922