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The London Taxi Company's new factory has been opened in the West Midlands, the first car plant to be set up in the UK in more than 10 years. The Coventry facility will manufacture electric London cabs alongside small electric vans. The government is setting aside £64m to incentivise cab drivers to switch to the greener taxis, as well as to fund extra charge points.
Italian Volt's Lucama is an electric motorbike with a number of differences, all dreamed up to help the Italian start-up muscle in on the growing market for electric motorcycles. Choice is the watchword here. Buyers can customise any one of 12 bodywork parts, meaning they can create a roadster, a scrambler, a café racer, or a machine with several of these characteristics. The Milan-based company, which only set up shop last year, has also focussed heavily on fast-charging.
When the Department for Transport announced in 2013 that middle lane hoggers could be prosecuted by police, many UK motorists supported it. The practice is viewed dimly on these shores. But by September 2016 it was revealed – through a freedom of information request – that only 135 drivers had been given the £100 spot fines for hogging the middle lane.
The world of film and TV has given us a plethora of visually and mechanically upsetting cars. This top 10 is as disputable as any – so let us know if you agree with our choices or not.
Driving – it can turn the most mild-mannered individual into a seething ball of fury. Perhaps it's our increasingly congested roads, or our ever-quickening pace of life, or the fact that road rage seems to breed yet more road rage. Whatever it is, we can take it far more personally than it was intended. That person cut ME off; he/she wanted to ruin MY morning by failing to notice the lights had turned green. That said, there are usually some understandable triggers for our anger.
The first ever electric motorcycle to be subsidised by the government’s plug-in grant system has hit UK streets. Fred Murphy from Redhill, Surrey, took advantage of the grant, which covers 20% of the cost of a new – motorbike, up to a maximum of £1,500. Until recently, e-motorcycles did not enjoy the same access to plug-in grants as electric cars, which have been subsidised since 2011.