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At we believe that when the terms car and classic are used together, it shouldn't mean that vehicle breakdown cover is prohibitively expensive, which is why our policies ensure you get the assistance you need at an affordable price. Be sure to look through our Motoring Advice section for more auto-related money saving guidance.

Not only is our classic car Breakdown Cover affordable, our Three Star Cover has also been awarded a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto!

Defaqto Rated UK Motor Breakdown Cover

A 5 Star Rating by Defaqto highlights the product as having the highest quality features and benefits in the market. So, if you choose Three Star Cover you can have the peace of mind of top rated classic car breakdown cover that’s also reasonably priced.

Three Star Cover is also the most popular option among our customers, which is why we’re proud to offer it with the Defaqto 5 Star Rating backing. If you’d like to learn more about Defaqto and the Star Ratings please click here.  

Car and Classic

When the words car and classic are used in the same sentence, its meaning is about much more than getting from A to B. For those who maintain classic cars, going that extra mile in order to find that elusive vehicle part is not a chore at all, but part of the enjoyment of maintaining such vehicles. Whether it's the sound the engine makes, or the unique automotive styling of a bygone decade, classic cars offer that little bit of magic that modern cars might sometimes lack. Not sure whether you have a classic in your garage? As a general rule (outlined by HM Revenue & Customs for company taxation purposes), if your car is over fifteen years old and worth more than £15,000, it may well be considered a classic. However, considers any vehicle over 20 years old as a classic, regardless of value. So, for car and classic car alike, why not get your quote today.

Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows are the stuff of dreams for some, where owners can not only show off their own sparkling classic car, but absorb themselves in dozens, possibly hundreds of other old classic cars. Classic car shows in the UK are often a great way of reminding ourselves just what an amazing automotive past the UK has, as well as enjoying the unique cars of yesteryear from around the world. Whether you drive your classic car on a regular basis or less frequently, you can rest assured that once you've taken out the appropriate breakdown cover for older cars with, you'll receive the help you need, should your pride and joy suffer a mechanical breakdown.

British Classic Car

From Bentleys to Austins, from Rolls Royces to Robin Reliants, British classic car enthusiasts have a wealth of automotive history to enjoy. And fortunately, there are thousands of people dedicated to keeping these vehicles in working order - whether they are modern classic cars or vintage classic cars - so people from across the country can continue to enjoy them. At, we want to keep these vehicles on the road by providing first class classic car breakdown cover in the event of a breakdown. Find the perfect policy for your classic car today.

What is Classic Car Breakdown Cover?

Classic car breakdown cover is an insurance policy that will provide you with roadside recovery if your vehicle endures a mechanical failure. Your classic car will be insured for recovery from your home address and across the UK in line with the policy that you have purchased.

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