Alloy Wheel Insurance – FAQ's

What are alloys on a car?

Generally speaking there are 2 main types of wheels on vehicles today - Alloy wheels and steel wheels.

Alloy wheels are made of a mixture of aluminium or magnesium, and other elements.

Alloy wheels are more visually appealing than steel wheels and can help improve the resale value of your car. However, they are also more expensive than steel wheels, meaning they cost more to repair or replace.

Scraped alloy wheel

Is alloy wheel insurance worth it?

Alloy wheels look great, but it can be frustrating if your alloys get damaged by road debris or you damage your alloys by scraping a kerb.

Claiming for damage to an alloy wheel through car insurance policies can increase your renewal premium and you could lose your no claims bonus.

What’s more, if you finance your car using PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or Contract Hire, if you have alloy wheel damage on returning the vehicle, you are likely to be charged for this damage.

Through paying for alloy cover, you can avoid affecting your car insurance premiums and facing any unexpected costs on the return of your contract hire car.

Can I get alloy wheel insurance for diamond cut wheels?

Yes! The best car alloy wheel insurance policies will cover diamond cut wheels as well as alloys.

With MotorEasy alloy protection, cover is offered for both alloy and diamond cut wheels.