Motoring Tips

If you decide to store your machine for the winter, it’s important to prepare it for the cold and any moisture that may get inside and cause permanent damage.
Even during an average summer, there are things you should never leave in your car. This year, which has turned out to be one of the UK's hottest ever, it's more important than ever to think twice about what you leave in your vehicle. Here are 8 things to take out of the car during hot months.
Five inspiring road trip routes for an unforgettable Valentine's road trip. Perhaps you want to cram your ‘amor’ into one or two days, or maybe you fancy a longer getaway. Either way, this quintet of UK and European romantic road trip ideas are sure to get you and your partner in the mood for love...
Motorcycle insurance. It’s not exactly fun and costs you a fair bit of money. However, sorting out your insurance is as big a part of owning a bike as putting on your boots and helmet before you hit the road. But that doesn't stop many of us from leaving it until the very last minute. Indeed, many of us have automatic renewals set up and simply use the same cover provider for the next 12 months. But to do this could mean spending more than necessary.
Around 18 million Britons suffer from hay fever each year – and a great many of them are also motorists. But driving and hay fever don’t mix well – such is the suddenness and ferocity of some attacks. Here we offer some useful tips for minimising the impact of hay fever while behind the wheel.
Despite the fact we in Britain are virtually guaranteed some kind of snowfall each winter, the soft white stuff still takes many of us by surprise, as it recently did over the past couple of weeks. But there are precautions and actions drivers can take in order to reduce any risks – to themselves, other road users and pedestrians. There are also some valuable pieces of advice for staying in co...