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Compare Breakdown Cover

Finding the right vehicle breakdown policy can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of startrescue.co.uk you can compare breakdown cover products against your demands, needs and budget with ease - whether you’re a new driver, or you’re simply looking for a different service provider.


This handy guide will provide you with an overview of what you can expect to find included as part of your breakdown cover policy with startrescue.co.uk v's RAC, The AA and Green Flag.

The Two Types of Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is usually provided in one of two ways: vehicle-based, when only a specific vehicle is covered; or personal, which covers any vehicle the covered person is travelling in. The types of cover offered can vary between insurers. For more information, please see the comparison table below.


How does Start Recue compare to The AA, RAC and Green Flag?

With a breakdown policy from startrescue.co.uk you can be assured of breakdown cover that not only matches, but exceeds the main providers in the industry at a fraction of the price.

Our one and two star policies are on par with similar policies offered by the likes of the AA and RAC. For added peace of mind, if you opt to choose our 5* breakdown cover we even include cover against theft, vandalism and driver/illness/injury. Neither RAC, The AA, nor Green Flag offer such a comprehensive package as part of any of their policies, and you’re still likely to pay a lower premium for our 5* breakdown cover than you would pay for a standard policy with one of the others.

At startrescue.co.uk we appreciate that most homes now own multiple vehicles. Although we already offer affordable breakdown cover, we even offer a further discount if you wish to add more than one vehicle to your policy.

 startrescue.co.ukGreen FlagRACThe AA
Provide vehicle cover?✔️✔️✔️✔️
Additional vehicle discount10% off0%✔️0%
Provide personal based cover?✔️✔️✔️✔️
Number of people allowed on Personal Breakdown policies4454
Accident Recovery✔️✔️✔️

(non fault accidents only)

Unlimited Callouts✔️✔️✔️
Only on advanced and ultimate plans
Misfuel Cover 


Up to £250 cover for a drain and flush, plus 10 litres of fuel. 

Taken to nearest repair centre but not covered for drain and flush.

Pay on use service

Provided at an additional cost when misfuelling occurs.

Theft, Vandalism or Driver Illness/Injury as an additional option


Theft, Vandalism or Driver Illness/Injury is available on Start Rescue's 5 Star policy.

Does not cover theft or vandalism but in the event you are declared unfit to drive, you will be covered for a recovery. 

Breakdowns can be reported via either a mobile app or phone


App or phone


App or phone


App or phone


App or phone

Roadside repair rate4/5Unknown4/58/10 cars

This information is believed to be correct after obtaining from startrescue.co.uk, greenflag.com, rac.co.uk and theaa.com in February 2022.


What's included in Breakdown Cover?


Roadside Assistance

This is included as standard. If your vehicle breaks down, your provider will dispatch a Vehicle Recovery Operator who will aim to make repairs and get you back on the road.



If you break down in a dangerous location, breakdown service providers have a duty of care to recover you, your passengers and your vehicle to a safe destination. However, this is not the only scenario when you might need to be recovered. Recovery might be needed if the fault is of such a nature that it cannot be repaired at the roadside.


How far breakdown providers take you will depend on the policy terms and conditions. Providers typically include local recovery as standard. For example, startrescue.co.uk’s local recovery guarantees recovery within 10 miles of the breakdown scene. Comparatively, the RAC’s roadside cover also guarantees a tow to a garage or a destination of your choice up to 10 miles of the breakdown scene. To be recovered any further you’ll need to choose a policy that features nationwide recovery - available with all major UK providers, and included with startrescue.co.uk’s 2, 3, 4 and 5-Star policies.


Home Assist

If you break down at your registered home address, a home assist feature will ensure a Vehicle Recovery Operator is sent to your home to repair your vehicle. If they are unable to repair it, they will recover it to a garage. Maximum recovery distances and other limitations may vary between providers.


Alternative Travel

Alternative travel provides safety and peace of mind if you break down away from home. Alternative travel features vary between providers. For example, startrescue.co.uk will cover the cost of a hire car, hotel accommodation and/or alternative transport.


Compare European Breakdown Cover


If you leave the UK without breakdown cover that covers you in Europe, getting breakdown assistance in Europe can be a challenge and expensive. Having European breakdown cover which is normally based on a registered vehicle as opposed to personal cover, means if you break down whilst driving in a specified European country, you’ll be back on the road in no time. If you are planning to use your vehicle in Europe more than once in 12 months, or you wish to travel for more than 31 consecutive days, you can usually add ‘Europe’ as an extra option to your annual breakdown policy.


If you have chosen a personal breakdown policy rather than a vehicle based breakdown policy, you may be required to nominate the vehicle you want to be covered in whilst travelling in Europe. Some personal breakdown policies do not cover you in Europe at all. In that case, you  will need to buy a separate vehicle based Short Term European cover. Check your terms and conditions to see what level of cover you have in place before starting your trip abroad!


 startrescue.co.ukGreen FlagRACThe AA
Maximum Short Term European Period31 days90 days180 days31 days
Maximum Annual European cover90 days with vehicle based cover only.90 days (Maximum of 30 days per trip)90 days364 days
Countries covered40394944
Pre-departure coverUp to 7 days prior to a pre-booked tripUp to 7 days prior to a pre-booked trip

Comprehensive: Roadside assistance up to the value of £300, 48 hours before your departure date

Comprehensive Plus: Up to 7 days prior to a pre-booked trip

Pre-departure cover for hire car and roadside assistance commences from up to 72 hours prior to scheduled departure time
Annual European cover


Available with 4 and 5-Star policies


Available with Euro Plus


Available with Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus



This information is believed to be correct after obtaining from startrescue.co.uk, greenflag.com, rac.co.uk and theaa.com in February 2022.


Compare Breakdown Provider Reviews


Breakdown cover is one of the few services we buy hoping we’ll never need to use it. But if a breakdown does happen, it’s reassuring to know an experienced Vehicle Recovery Operator will be sent to help straight away.

Review sites provide a really good source when choosing a provider. They offer real opinions of real customers, so give a great insight as to what you can expect in the way of customer service and service levels from each company.

Startrescue.co.uk consistently scores higher on review websites than the main competitors; Green Flag, RAC and The AA, it’s little wonder that 97% 0f our customers recommend us after receiving assistance with their breakdown.

 startrescue.co.ukGreen FlagRACThe AA
Which? Recommended Breakdown Service✔️✔️
Reviews.co.uk score (out of 5)
Review Centre (out of 5)
Trustpilot score (out of 5)


*Scores correct as of 26/05/2022




Trustpilot Main Logo Trustpilot 4.5 Star Rating

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