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About The Customer Lounge

The startrescue.co.uk Customer Lounge allows you to manage your startrescue.co.uk policies and keep track of important dates, such as when your MOT is due.

Update your vehicle or boiler details

If you have changed your vehicle, replaced your boiler or even purchased a personalised registration plate, you can update your details quickly and hassle free.

Update your personal details

Here you can update your address and contact details.

Upgrade your vehicle breakdown policy

Decided to upgrade to Nationwide Recovery or maybe cover in Europe? If so, you can upgrade your level of cover here.

Add another vehicle to your breakdown policy

You can add as many vehicles to your policy as you wish. You will save 10% on the normal price for each additional vehicle which is added to your existing policy.

Set up another vehicle breakdown policy

Save time by setting up another vehicle breakdown policy using your existing policy details as a template.

Download / Print your documents

Lost your policy documents? No need to worry, they can be downloaded or printed as and when they are required.

Change your Automatic Renewal Protection settings

Change your Automatic Renewal Protection settings with a simple click of a button.

Renew your policy

We will send you an email reminding you to renew your policy. You can renew your policy up to 60 days in advance, allowing you plenty of time to ensure cover is in place.

Your vehicle log book

No need to search for documents and keep checking dates again! Your vehicle log book is an easy way to keep track of important dates relating to your vehicle such as MOT, when the next service is due, road tax and insurance expiry. Just input the information and access it whenever you need it. We will even try to contact you via email 14 days before your vehicle's MOT, Road Tax, insurance or service is due.

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