Download, Print Out, Head Off!

Taking the children on a road trip? Worried they'll be bored on the journey? Why not download and print out these five fun-packed games – guaranteed to make any driving break fly by!

Instead of getting tired and fidgety on the journey, younger passengers will – hopefully – be inspired by the things, people and animals they see on the way!

So dig out the pencil case and print off these games now for a fun car trip.

Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo makes spotting ordinary sights on the road a lot of fun. It's sure to keep your children occupied for hours – or at least until a disagreement breaks out over whether the car in front is purple or blue! Just mark off each object when you see it!

Download the game

Road Trip Colouring Page

Even in the age of tablets and smartphones, there’s nothing better than getting out the felt tips or coloured pencils and doing a bit of colouring-in. Don't forget to print off a few copies if you have several younger passengers on board!

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Road Trip Word Search

How many of these words can you spot in the jumble of letters? And how many of these things have you seen on your road trip? This fun word search is sure to keep the kids happy for ages.

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Car Colour Game

As well as being a lot of fun, this car colour game may inspire some interesting debates over what is orange and what is yellow; what is blue and what is purple!

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Find a Way Game

Here at our vans are spot-on when it comes to finding a customer in a broken down vehicle. But this time, faced with a maze, one of our vans needs a little help to find its way. Can you help direct the van through the tangled maze? There are several routes – can you spot them?

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