On the face of it, vehicle breakdown cover paid on a monthly basis might make sense. Especially since a number of providers now offer roadside assistance in return for payments made across 12 months.

So why doesn’t startrescue.co.uk offer a pay-monthly option?

In short, our cover is so affordable that a monthly payment doesn't make sense. Our cheapest policy would work out at just £1.64 a month - or about 5p a day! This is about half the cost of some key rivals.


And our most popular 3-Star Cover - which includes Home Assist - works out at £2.57 a month, or about 8p a day.


Even our most comprehensive 5 Star Cover, which provides every feature inclusive of Europe Cover and Theft, Vandalism and Driver/Injury - is £6.07 a month, or 20p per day.


Why are we so affordable?

startrescue.co.uk has always provided affordable vehicle breakdown cover, while delivering excellent service with features like our rescue app as standard. But while we're proud of offering excellent entry-level options, we also provide more comprehensive options - such as 4- and 5-Star.


Because we work directly with carefully selected, experienced recovery operators across the UK, we don't have the overheads of operating a dedicated fleet - unlike some more expensive rivals.


Additionally, ever since we were established we've maintained an unflinching focus on efficiency - so we can deliver optimum roadside assistance as quickly as possible, while managing our costs.


The quality of our service is clear in our reviews, one of the most recent of which is published below.


"Excellent early response on the phone, if the team was busy they would call you back, unlike some others who would have you hanging on for 15 minutes because all the operators were 'busy'. Great value for money especially on double cover with my wife."

- Mr Kenneth.


We are delighted that all our efforts in providing the very best service for our customers has been recognized not only by our customers through varying review sites, but as a Which? Recommended Provider for Breakdown Services June 2019, June 2020 and September 2021.