With more than 25 million cars on UK roads, the need for reliable breakdown cover is greater than ever.

Many motorists have found themselves stranded by the roadside having suffered a mechanical breakdown and know only too well how stressful and inconvenient the experience can be.

Annual breakdown cover which is offered by most breakdown cover providers, gives drivers the peace of mind that if they do breakdown, help will be on its way quickly. In most cases, an annual sum is paid up-front, which guarantees an agreed level of service in the event of a break down. You can compare car breakdown cover here.

Different types of provider

Not all drivers are aware that there are two main kinds of vehicle recovery provider operating in the UK today.

The motoring association with its own fleet

The first type is sometimes called a ‘motoring association’.

Fundamentally, their core roadside assistance service is provided by their own fleet of vehicles and employees.

These fleet breakdown cover providers operate call centres which, when contacted by members who have suffered a breakdown, despatch a recovery vehicle to the scene.

VRO-based service with operatives across the UK

The second type of breakdown recovery provider operates by harnessing a UK-wide network of independent vehicle recovery operatives (VROs) who are despatched when necessary to a breakdown scene.

As with motoring associations, members of these vehicle breakdown organisations contact the provider's call centre, which then locates the nearest operative and sends them to the scene.

What's the real difference?

In practice, both types of breakdown recovery provider aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

However, operators who run their own fleet (motoring associations) may not always have a vehicle near a particular breakdown scene, which can increase the wait time for customers. Indeed, in more remote locations, a motoring organisation may call a local independent breakdown recovery provider to attend – particularly if their nearest vehicle is a long way away.

Local connections, local knowledge

Breakdown cover providers that work with independent recovery operatives (which includes Start Rescue) maintain close relationships with hundreds of trusted VROs across the country.

This means that whether a member breaks down in the wilds of Scotland, or the suburbs of Birmingham, these breakdown cover providers have the connections to despatch an experienced recovery operative quickly – one who knows the local area well and is ideally-placed to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Trusted, experienced recovery operatives, across the UK

Start Rescue's network of vehicle recovery operatives have been carefully selected for their expertise and customer service, meaning that we can get our members back on the road as quickly as possible, with the minimum of hassle.

84% of breakdowns fixed by the roadside

Each year, thousands of UK motorists trust startrescue.co.uk to provide their vehicle breakdown cover.

As well as delivering an exceptional roadside assistance service which fixes 84% of breakdowns at the scene, we offer a range of breakdown cover policies for all needs and budgets.

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