Careful driving is a reward in itself - since being involved in collisions and prangs is dangerous and expensive. From a financial perspective, having to claim on one's car insurance means a probable increase in premium next time round.


This premium 'increase' is actually - in most cases - the loss of part of the ‘no claims bonus’ - the system used by insurers to reward customers for careful driving.


But how does breakdown cover tie in with your car insurance no claims bonuses? Does making a claim on your breakdown cover impact your bonus in any way?


The short answer is no. Your breakdown cover and your car insurance are completely separate, even if they are provided through the same company.


Even if you need to use your breakdown cover soon after an accident, you would be claiming on two different policies: car insurance (for damage or injury etc.), and breakdown assistance (to get you back on the road, to a garage, to your home, or to alternative accommodation).


What to do after a car accident

  • Stop the car
  • Turn off engine, turn on hazard lights
  • Call an ambulance if anyone is injured
  • Call the police (999 for emergency, otherwise 111)
  • Exchange details with other parties - (drivers, passengers, witnesses)
  • Take photos if required
  • Contact your car insurer


You should then contact your breakdown cover provider if required.

Protecting your no-claims bonus

Unfortunately, even very careful drivers can be involved in accidents - perhaps due to other road users who are less prudent. If you have built up a no claims bonus over a number of years, you can protect it with no claims bonus protection, available from your insurer. However, while the bonus may be protected following an accident, the insurer may still increase the base premium.