Personal car breakdown insurance is a type of cover connected to you as a person (whether driver or passenger), rather than a named vehicle.

It means you will be protected against breakdown in whichever car you are driving (or travelling in as a passenger).

It is suitable for those who drive multiple cars regularly.

Personal cover gives additional peace of mind that you'll get the assistance you need, should you be involved in a breakdown.

What if I am a passenger?

As mentioned, with the majority of personal cover policies, if you're travelling as a passenger and the car breaks down, you can still call on your breakdown cover provider for help.

It may also be possible to add other people to a personal cover policy (as with Start Rescue).


What's included?

Personal breakdown cover policies vary among insurers, but almost all will include roadside assistance and local recovery.

Additional options include home assistance, national recovery, European cover and onward travel.


Is it more expensive?

In most cases, personal cover is more costly than a policy attached to a named car. This is because from the insurer's viewpoint there is an element of the unknown; they do not know the condition of the vehicles being driven.

That said, the extra cost is unlikely to be viewed as prohibitive - especially if such a policy is viewed as useful (e.g. to those who drive multiple cars).


Can it be used on any vehicle?

Almost invariably, there are exclusions to personal cover policies. For example, you may not be covered if you drive a classic car, or tow a caravan.


Read the terms and conditions

As with all insurance policies, before you take out breakdown insurance with personal cover, be sure to read the terms and conditions to find out about any exclusions.