With temperatures reaching 27 degrees in recent days, the UK's motorcyclists have been blessed with perfect riding weather.

However, forecasts suggest cooler temperatures will move in this week, along with that old enemy of bikers – rain.

But should you let rain inhibit your summer motorcycling?

For many bikers, rain is a big no-no. It just brings with it too many risks.

But with a little forethought and care, it is possible to enjoy riding your motorbike in the rain – providing it’s not coming down too hard, and that it’s vertical (i.e. no destabilising wind).

Here are some top tips to help you continue riding safely in the wet weather.

  1. Wear high quality waterproofs, preferably breathable ones. Make sure you have a visor, since encountering rain at more than 30mph is going to hurt your face.
  1. Don't go riding on slick tyres.
  1. Avoid white lines and manhole covers as they become very slippery in the wet.
  1. Avoid puddles – since you do not know their depth.
  1. Watch for rainbow coloured slicks in puddles and on the road surface – it probably means oil is present.
  1. When braking, gradually apply the same pressure to both the front and rear brakes. Make sure to practice this in safe, dry conditions first and be prepared to alter the ratio if the conditions, your riding style or system require it.
  1. Brake as gently as you can; pump the brakes to avoid aquaplaning.
  1. Leave a much bigger distance between you and the vehicle in front, since rain means braking takes longer.
  1. Wear high visibility clothing if you have it.
  1. Try to relax when riding – staying tense will exhaust you rapidly.
  1. Keep your speed down.
  1. Lightning on the horizon? Stop and find cover straight away.