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After the abrupt end to the British summer, we at hope you’re all acclimatising gently to the change of season. The slight chill in the air and the falling leaves might be turning your attention to the coming winter and to how the cold weather may affect your vehicle. So now could be a good time to check your breakdown cover renewal, or to invest in a new policy if you’ve not been with us for a while. Also, why not spare a thought for your central heating, as your boiler might be getting ready to work a little harder in the next few months. now offer comprehensive Home Emergency Cover at competitive prices, which you can manage from your Customer Lounge!
Motoring News & Advice
Cyclist Car-Door Deaths: 'Dutch Reach' Method Urged
A cycling charity wants to see people using the 'Dutch reach' method to open car doors, in order to reduce cyclist fatalities and injuries.
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Reckless Cycling: Should New Laws Be Considered by Parliament?
The government has announced it is to review the law covering careless and reckless cycling, after a spate of incidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.
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10 YouTube Car Channels You Need to Subscribe To
A whole universe of automotive loveliness is but a click away, but how to sort the wheat from the chaff, the wheelies from the hatches? Check out our top 10 YouTube car channels...
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Men Still Paying More for Car Insurance despite EU Ban
Male drivers are still paying more for their insurance than women, despite an EU ban on gender discrimination, put in place five years ago.
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Motorycle Cable Maintenance
Good cable maintenance is essential for optimal throttle, clutch and brake performance. Read our straightforward guide to lubricating them.
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Motorcycle Air Filters and What They Do
We look at the importance of ensuring your motorcycle’s air filter is kept clean and how to carry out maintenance and replacement.
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Home Emergency News & Advice
How to Bleed a Radiator
Radiator not working properly? Trapped air could be the problem. Luckily, bleeding your radiators is easy, as this guide demonstrates...
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How to Remove and Replace a Radiator
Looking to remove or replace your radiator? Here’s how to do it – saving you the cost of a plumber and a day off work.
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