You can dramatically cut the cost of charging your electric vehicle by having a chargepoint installed in your rented or owned flat, or in your rented house.

Here we explain how to apply for a government grant towards the cost of purchase and installation.

Having a charge point installed at your home should reduce the amount you pay for charging over your car's lifetime.

Home charging is around 5 times cheaper than using rapid public chargers, not least because you can top up at off-peak times when energy is generally cheaper.


EV Home Chargepoint

Why get a home charge point?

  • Lower charging costs
  • Less hassle
  • Reduce the cost of installation with a government charge point grant


What are charge point grants?

The UK government offers grants to people and organisations who wish to install a charge point on their premises.

There is a specific scheme for renters and flat owners who can get 75% off the cost of charge point purchase and installation, up to a maximum of £350.


Electric car plugged in to home chargepoint

How do I apply for a chargepoint grant?

The application process involves finding an OZEV-approved installer and getting a quote (which should involve a survey of your property).

If you accept the quote, the installer can begin the grant claim process. They will ask you for your contact information and submit it to OZEV.

They will also send you a link to an OZEV online form. This information is checked by OZEV to ensure you are eligible.

The installation must be completed within 90 days of application, or a new application must be started.

Having completed the installation, the installer will claim the grant.

Note that the cost of the charge point and installation must be clearly detailed on the invoice, along with the deduction of the grant amount.


Eligibility for a UK chargepoint grant

You can apply for this grant if you:

  • Own and occupy a flat
  • Rent a residential property (e.g. a flat or house) - inclusive of shared ownership schemes

To qualify, you must have off-street parking and own an eligible EV.

Vehicle requirements:

This document lists EVs that are eligible for the grant: Residential Chargepoints Eligible Vehicles

Qualifying vehicles must be ultra-low emission, as designated by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).


Who can apply for a chargepoint grant?

  • An owner of a qualifying vehicle
  • A person who is responsible for an eligible vehicle and pays the VED and MOT
  • Those assigned an eligible car by their workplace
  • Those leasing an eligible vehicle
  • Those named by their employer as the main user of a qualifying EV
  • Those who have ordered a qualifying EV


EV Leases

Some EV leases have a charge point included in the deal. To qualify and get the grant discount, the lease must:

  • State that once payment is complete, you own the charge point
  • Detail the cost of having the charge point installed (inclusive of VAT)
  • Include a warranty that meets the requirements of the grant
  • Be at least a 6-month lease

The charge point installer will need to see evidence of the above for a grant to be awarded.

What are the EV chargepoint grant property requirements?

Only domestic properties can apply for this specific grant.

The property must fall into one of these categories:

  • An owned or rented flat
  • Other rented accommodation, inclusive of multiple occupancy addresses

There are restrictions regarding the legibility of an EV chargepoint grant. For example:

  • You cannot apply if you live with the landlord/property owner.
  • You must obtain permission from the landlord or freeholder first.
  • You must have dedicated off-street parking.

Your private parking space can be next to the property in question or separate from it.

It must be possible to charge the vehicle safely, and you must be able to access the parking space 24 hours a day.

Your installer and charge point must be OZEV-approved.

You can find a list of OZEV-approved installers here and a list of approved residential charge point systems here.

Who cannot apply for a grant?

You won't be able to apply for a grant if you:

  • Have applied for a grant before (including the defunct grants 'Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme' (EVHS) or 'Domestic Recharge Scheme')
  • Are in the process of moving or plan to move
  • Own a house (rather than a flat)


Charging EV outside house

How much is a chargepoint?

The purchase and installation of a 7kW fast charger costs between £800 and £1500 (minus the grant).

The price you pay will depend on the model chosen and the fees changed by the installation firm.

Note that the price quoted can vary depending on how complex it is to fit the chargepoint. For example, a wall may need to be drilled in order to install the cables, or the parking location may require extra cabling.

You might also opt for a 22kW charger, but these require your home to have three-phase power supplies, which are not common in UK domestic premises. Upgrading to a three-phase system can be costly.