Are you going to be driving home for Christmas? If so then make sure you are prepared for the troubles that the festive season might send your way when it comes to hitting the road. Luckily, our infographic can help you deal with making sure your car is ready to make the journey.

The last thing you want to face in the run up to Christmas is a big bill from the garage because your car is in trouble and, while we at are always available to help out in the event of a breakdown, we suspect you would rather not have to call out one of our recovery vehicles.

Our infographic offers plenty of advice for making sure your car is safe over the Christmas period as well as a list of things to check before you head out on long journeys and some interesting statistics.

For example, did you know that December the 17th is the date when cars are statistically most likely to crash? What's more you need to make allowances for the time it takes for your car to stop as braking distances can be up to ten times longer in winter. Then there's the issue of whether or not your car will start at all while the weather is cold, with figures showing that 42 per cent of cars do not start during winter. Indeed, cold weather is the main reason why vehicles breakdown during the chillier months.

So how do you avoid this or any of the other problems that come with driving during winter? We give you a handful of areas to check and how to keep them in good order, reducing your chances of car trouble.

For example, we recommend putting a mixture of antifreeze and water into your cooling system when the weather is cold. What's more, it is worth swapping your tyres for cold weather tyres when the temperature drops to reduce your chances of sliding on the road.

These are just a few of the tips included, read them all, take them in and have a safe Christmas!