The advent of powerful xenon headlamps has made it much easier to see the road in low light or darkness. Our ability to distinguish colour and form reduces as natural light fades, so such technologies help keep us safe.

Unfortunately, there is a downside: the glare from such headlamps can disorientate other road users - potentially making our roads less safe.

So what's the answer? Night driving glasses have been developed with a view to reducing headlight glare. Sounds great - but opticians aren't so impressed. They say the orange tinting in such spectacles also reduces other colour and detail, ultimately making driving less safe.

What other ways can you deal with glare?
Clean your windscreen

Headlamp glare can be made worse by having a dirty windscreen, because the grime further scatters the light. Make sure yours is clean - both inside and out. It's worth pointing out that a dirty windscreen can also pose a hazard in daylight - potentially making objects more difficult to see.

Clean your headlamps

Keeping your headlamps clean will help make you more visible to other road users, while better illuminating the road ahead.

Avoid looking at the glare directly

If you experience an intense glare, keep your eyes on the broken white line to the right until it has passed.

Eye care

Looking after your eyesight is crucial in order to stay safe on the road.

Regular eye tests

Get an eyesight test at least once every two years - or sooner if you experience a more sudden change in your vision. Most issues, however, develop gradually, so you may not notice them. Eye check-ups will ensure any problems are identified.

Regular breaks

Take regular breaks while driving to stop your eyes getting tired.

Reduce eye fatigue

Focus on different objects ahead of you, rather than keeping your eyes fixed on one point; this should help reduce eye fatigue.

If you wear glasses

And just as with headlights, it’s important to keep your glasses clean and free of scratches

Headlight use: top tips

When approaching another vehicle you should dip your headlights.

Don't forget you can also dazzle other drivers from the rear by shining headlamps in their rear mirror; dip your headlights when you see their rear lights ahead.