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Sometimes it occurs to drivers who’ve spent most of their motoring lives in the UK that it might be nice to drive to the continent. Initially, they can feel very excited by the idea – but in many instances this is followed be feelings of trepidation, especially if they have not driven abroad before.

Key to any form of travel – particularly so for motorists – is planning.

1. Get a passport. As obvious as it sounds, if you want to take the trip in the near future, you have to consider how long it takes to get a passport. In most cases, you’ll get your passport back within six weeks.

2. Establish a budget. It’s easy to let costs spiral out of control when you’re in a holiday mood, but coming back to the UK with your finances in tatters is no fun – so be sure to establish a daily budget. For drivers, this will of course need to include fuel. By booking your accommodation in advance, you’ll be able to get better deals and have a better grasp of your budget. Simply turning up in a town which is unfamiliar to you and looking for a hotel or guest house can be costly.

3. Plan your route, as although it may take longer to reach your destination, you may save money and see more if you avoid toll roads. If you have a particular country in mind, then do some research in regards to local festivals and events – this can make your journey even more interesting. Bear in mind though, accommodation costs can go up in especially busy periods.

4. As well as familiarising yourself with the local traffic laws, you should also take out appropriate breakdown cover. You may wish to consider short term European cover if you are going for less than a month – you can find policies that range from just a single day, to 31 days.