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Car manufacturers may face criminal charges if they use cheat software to defeat emissions tests, under powers sought by ministers - the Financial Times reports.
It is believed the UK may miss its climate change targets after a report revealed CO2 emissions from the average UK car had risen for the first time since 2000. The increase is thought to be because consumers are turning away from diesel and because they are buying larger vehicles.
Diesel car owners in London should be paid up to £3,500 to scrap their old diesel vehicles, according to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Air quality in the capital has deteriorated dramatically in recent years, a key contributor to which is believed to be nitrogen oxide – a pollutant emitted by diesel engines. City Hall has even advised people to stay indoors during the worst affected periods.
We hear a great deal about how to cut our fuel consumption these days, but there is often confusion over what works and what doesn’t. Here we look at 10 things motorists commonly believe about eco-driving – and dispel a few as myths. Idling your car in winter to warm up the engine? According to a report in Business Insider, this practice not only wastes fuel, but strips oil from your engine's components – particularly pistons and cylinders.
South Korea has ruled that Nissan used so-called defeat devices in its Qashqai vehicle in order to cheat emissions tests. All of Nissan's Qashqais are built in the firm's Sunderland plant. The fine brings the on-going emission-rigging scandal closer to British shores. South Korea said it would fine Nissan 330m KRW (£195,000) and that it would recall more than 800 Qashqais sold in the country.
Renault cars (RobWilson/ Shares in French auto giant Renault plunged by 20 per cent on news that police have raided its facilities, before closing just over 10 per cent down. The company confirmed that police wanted to check equipment at its plants. Shareholders exhibited concern that Renault might be embroiled in an emissions data-rigging scandal similar to the one affecting...