As snow falls across many parts of the UK, it’s crucial to prepare for icy road conditions on journeys to work or school. Here are 10 things you should know about driving in the snow…
A driver in Norfolk has been stopped by police because a sofa was hanging dangerously out of his car's boot. The motorist was pulled over in Long Stratton after an officer spotted the two-seat leather couch being precariously transported in the back of a Toyota Celica. All that held the sofa in place was a suitcase-like strap that officers said was "only partially holding the sofa."
Storms and floods affect millions of people in the UK each year, often putting property – and sometimes lives – at risk. While these extreme weather events cannot be prevented, much can be done to minimise the risks to people and property.
The emergence of mini cameras over the last decade has made it easy to capture high quality road footage from one's motorcycle helmet. Chief among the action camera brands has been GoPro, whose Hero range has become hugely popular with everyone from divers to mountain bikers, hikers to motorcyclists. The fact that GoPro has launched an all-new camera – the Hero 5 Black – will be of huge interest to those who love filming their motorcycle adventures.
To some of us, it's a strange way to spend one's time: traipsing around otherwise unremarkable urban areas hunting for digital beings with names like Bulbasaur and Pikachu. But millions of people around the world are thoroughly enjoying doing just that, while playing the augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go. But when the Pokémon-catching migrates to the motor car, things can get more serious – especially for those behind the wheel.
Dozens of road deaths and thousands of injuries occur each year due to sun glare on drivers' windscreens. Since 2010 there have been around 28 road deaths and 3,900 injuries annually due to sun glare, according to the Department for transport. Spring and autumn are the key sun dazzle danger periods, as the rising and setting sun coincides with heavy morning and evening traffic.