From disagreements over directions to squabbles over the music selection, we all knew that the car trips could trigger arguments, but until now, we didn’t understand to what extent.
The Grand Tour episode 8 is less flashy than previous episodes - certainly compared to series 1. Tom-foolery, silly dad jokes and some beautiful cars make this feel like a show in the image of the old Top Gear.
There are many ways to sell a used car these days: pop an ad in your local newsagent; or Sellotape a For Sale sign on the windshield of your ride, then park it by a busy road. Or you could just get your partner to produce a lavish spoof commercial. That's the situation that Max Lanman's girlfriend found herself in. She needed to shift her 1996 Honda Accord - and beau Max had the brainwave of making a playful ad for it.
A Canadian man has been fined by Montreal police for singing the 1990s dance hit Everybody Dance Now. The man plans to contest the C$149 ticket.
Many countries are great at building reliable, cost-effective vehicles, but they're not always good at naming them – especially in English. Take Japan, for example. Over the years they have come up with some very silly names for their otherwise good cars. But at least they eventually understood their failings: when Toyota created its luxury off-shoot, Lexus
Expensive cars provide one of the modern age's best ways to demonstrate success and wealth. They’re also (usually) a lot of fun to drive and look nice on the driveway. But not all rich people drive Lambos or Astons. Some of the world’s biggest stars have actually chosen rather modest automobiles to get around in.

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