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Parking restrictions, busy streets and complex road systems have pushed many city-dwelling motorists out of their cars and on to public transport. But driving the right kind of car can make urban commutes far more pleasant. The following top 10 best city cars are fuel-efficient, stylish and compact – crucial criteria for city driving.
As children, cartoons failed to manage our expectations in terms of what real-world motoring would be like, but weird and wonderful vehicles certainly enlivened our televisual viewing. Not the most scientific of our top-10s, we listed these cars in order of ‘coolness’.
OK, 'definitively' may be pushing it a little, but we think you'll find this list of the world's prettiest cars rather convincing. If you're annoyed that your Ford Fiesta isn’t featured, do let us know in the comments section!
It’s not cheap to run a car in the UK. A report from 2013 suggested Britain was the most costly place to keep a car on the road, with average bills exceeding £3,500 each year. Motorists have enjoyed some respite in the intervening years, with the average cost of a litre of unleaded dropping to around the £1 mark in January of 2016. However, unleaded is rising again, reaching 114p last month.
A sports utility vehicle – or SUV – mixes the characteristics of a car with a high seating position, off-road capabilities and a rugged image. The popularity of the SUV shows no sign of abating, with more brands entering this lucrative segment every year. But with so many models available, how should you go about choosing one? Here are ten tips to help.
The destruction of beautiful – and not-so-beautiful – cars is commonplace in the world of cinema. But some films take it a step further than normal. Here are the ten movies that mangled the most motors. Know of a film that despatched more cars? Let us know below.