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Most of us use cars to drop the kids off at school, buy groceries at Tesco, and to take Aunty Nora out for a Sunday drive. But these 10 ostentatious automobiles are for rather more flashy customers - although Aunty Nora would no doubt enjoy a spin in one. Check out these most costly of cars.
The list of car makers in every nation tends to shift around a lot: bankruptcies, inward investment and start-ups account for most changes. This run-down includes firms set up by overseas car makers. Number 2 will astonish you. Read the full list now.
The motor car continues to be an incredibly popular mode of transport - whether it be an electric, hybrid, diesel or good-old petrol engined machine. As well as getting people from A to B, cars are often viewed as status symbols - or simply ways to get rid of annoying excess cash. But which nation has the most cars per capita? Check out our top 10 to find out.
A list of the most easy-to-hack cars has been compiled by German automotive body ADAC. 24 models appeared in the report, including Audi, BMW, Citroen and Ford. Hacking typically involves two individuals with radios. One hacker's radio is used to harvest the signal from the vehicle owner's fob. This is sent to the radio of the other hacker, potentially hundreds of meters away, who uses the signal to gain entry to the car and turn on the engine.
A car's MPG figure is increasingly important for car buyers. The higher the figure, the less money spent on fuel and the lower the emissions – which benefits the environment and can reduce or eliminate Vehicle Excise Duty. The current crop of high MPG vehicles is dominated by electric vehicles.
Navigating the crowded satnav app market is getting tougher by the year, with a host of paid and free options now available. Here we pick five of our favourite apps for iOS and Android. 10 years ago, standalone satnav units were riding high, with firms like TomTom enjoying record sales and profits. But the financial crisis, allied with the advent of the smartphone and Google Maps, saw trailblazing satnav devices – including the TomTom – begin to fade.