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Consumer Reports has revealed the ten most unreliable SUVs for 2019. This US survey gives UK consumers a useful heads-up on reliability.
Looking for a new car that combines a low asking price, great fuel economy and family-friendly features? Check out these 10 wallet-kind options.
Right now, SUVs and crossovers are the flavour of the month - perhaps the decade. But SUVs - aka Chelsea tractors - come with a number of drawbacks (aside from slightly derogatory nicknames).
China - the workshop of the world - has long delighted global consumers with affordable electronics, white goods and vehicles.
Size doesn't matter. Unless you've just loaded your monthly shop and realised there's not enough room for the pushchair - unless you sling it on the back seat and tell your mother-in-law to catch the bus.
Reliability is a major consideration when buying a new car - which is why the What Car? Driver Power Survey is such a help. The publication’s most recent poll collected data from 14,000 car owners across the country, asking them about the faults they have experienced over the last 12 months. The survey revealed that a third of drivers encountered at least one fault over the last year.