Top 10

Getting one’s car fix used to be a rather limited affair. Decades ago you’d be happy with your weekly hit of a fresh-faced Jeremy Clarkson making glib remarks about an Aston Martin, then maybe a Sunday afternoon drive in your dad’s Skoda. Today, a whole universe of automotive loveliness is but a click away: hours of top-class documentaries, loony stunts and bonkers dash-cam footage has made the Internet an amazing place for car lovers.
Insurance is one of the biggest outgoings of running a car, but one that cannot be avoided. Many factors affect how much you will pay – such as your age and your occupation. While you have little or no control over some details of your life – nor how they impact your car insurance – you can at least choose a car which will minimise your annual premium.
Over the years, a number of automobiles have been doomed to failure: some have suffered supply-chain issues, others cost too much to make. Some simply misjudged the needs and desires of their target market – and some just looked like the back end of a bus. There are many reasons why some models become doomed to obscurity. Here are 10 of the most obscure cars ever built...
Luxury cars. The chances are, most of us will never own one. But that's not to say buyers of regular cars don’t benefit from top-end automotives at some point. Many of the world's luxury car brands are owned by mass-production car makers. They invest huge amounts in cutting-edge technology to sell their most prestigious wares – technology which, more often than not, makes it into much more suburban models. For instance, the Mercedes S-Class of years ago presented us with anti-lock brakes.
The world of film and TV has given us a plethora of visually and mechanically upsetting cars. This top 10 is as disputable as any – so let us know if you agree with our choices or not.
Driving – it can turn the most mild-mannered individual into a seething ball of fury. Perhaps it's our increasingly congested roads, or our ever-quickening pace of life, or the fact that road rage seems to breed yet more road rage. Whatever it is, we can take it far more personally than it was intended. That person cut ME off; he/she wanted to ruin MY morning by failing to notice the lights had turned green. That said, there are usually some understandable triggers for our anger.