The 'Cartivator' flying car has flown for about a minute in a Tokyo suburb, raising hopes the East Asian country could see widespread take-up of personal airborne transport by the 2030s.
There's no denying the ambition behind Ride 3. Developer Milestone has been churning out games for motorcycle fans for years, but Ride 3 represents something of a purist's motorcycle racing sim.
Autonomous safety features are increasingly common in today’s production cars, but such technology has been absent from motorcycles - until now.
Parking can be one of the most stressful aspects of driving, but UK researchers believe cars that park themselves could be here in a matter of years.
The congestion caused by stop-start driving could soon be a thing of the past if a new smart traffic light trial, based on York’s A59, is successful.
Luxury car maker Bentley is set to build the UK’s largest solar panel covered car port at its Crewe factory. The structure will protect 1,378 cars from the elements, and produce up to 24 per cent of the factory's energy needs. 10,000 solar panels will be used in the project.

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