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The cost of getting a new UK passport by post is set to rise from £72.50 to £85. The £12.50 increase equates to a 17% rise. Those applying for a new passport online will also have to pay more - theirs will cost £75.50 - equating to a more modest rise of £3. Applying for a child passport will also rise - again by £12.50, a 27% increase. The new price for postal applications will be £58.50 for under 16s, or £49 online.
Ryanair’s new baggage policy is now in effect. Passengers are still permitted to carry a small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) in the cabin, but any second bag (the larger of the two, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) must be stowed in the hold. Checked luggage fees are £25 off-peak, £35 peak; the limit has risen from 15kg to 20kg.
Millions of UK holidaymakers have been approached by claim management companies to make false sickness claims, according to a new poll by the Association of British Travel Agents. 19% of respondents said they had been contacted by such firms upon their return home, with the prospect of cash sums if they made a claim. The average payout is in excess of £2,000. Results from the poll suggest nine million Britons have been encouraged to make sickness claims.
Barcelona and Catalonia as a whole remain in the headlines, following an attempt by the regional government to hold a referendum on independence. The vote was considered illegal by the Spanish government, who sent in the national Guardia Civil to prevent voting. Violent clashes between police and protestors have presented a less pleasant image of Barcelona, better known for its Gaudi architecture, long beach and vibrant night life.
The Foreign Office has urged anyone involved in the recent Las Vegas shooting incident to avoid the area and "follow the advice of the local security authorities." A number of fatalities and injuries have been reported following a gun attack near the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The incident took place during an open-air concert. At time of writing, roads around the site have been closed, while some departing flights from McCarran International Airport have been postponed.
110,000 holidaymakers have been stranded abroad following the collapse of Monarch Airlines in the early hours of the morning. Many thousands more arrived for early morning flights only to be told that all Monarch flights have been cancelled. The carrier's failure also means that 300,000 future bookings have been voided. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been asked by the government to charter 30 flights in order to bring back stranded UK passengers.

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