Housing News

Which of the two Tory Party leadership contenders has the best ideas for solving the UK housing crisis?
According to a new study by Halifax, the majority of police, nurses, teachers and emergency service workers can afford to buy a home in just 8% of UK towns.
'Waking watches' are now common in many residential tower blocks across the UK that have cladding similar to that used on Grenfell Tower.
Find out where Britain's wealthiest people live: Estate agent Savills used data from Experian and the Office for National Statistics to analyse the locations of households earning £100,000+.
Goldman Sachs has invested £75m in modular housing manufacturer, TopHat. The US banking giant has put its faith in TopHat to help solve the UK's housing crisis.
It now takes until the age of 34 for more than 50% of the UK population to own their own home, according to ONS data.

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