This Saturday will see 50 London roads closed, as part of London Car Free Day - which will coincide with World Car Free Day.

It takes place this Saturday (September 22nd).

The event has been organised to help reduce traffic and air pollution, while encouraging people to walk or cycle around the capital.

London Car Free Day came about after Marco Picardi, a resident of the capital, launched a petition calling for a car free day for London. It received more than 10,000 signatures and won the backing of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.


Picardi realised that many other world cities had successfully organised a car free day - and thought that Londoners would benefit from a similar event.

Picardi said: “The day will be a catalyst for a better urban future for all Londoners and will demonstrate our global leadership in the transition to greener, cleaner, and healthier cities.”


According to the Evening Standard, during Mayor’s Question Time, Khan said, “Car-free events are great opportunities to inspire change by letting people experience the city from a different perspective. I encourage boroughs to work with TfL to make this day a huge success and I’ve asked TfL to consider how we can do even more to support this in 2019.”


A number of events will take place while the selected roads are closed. Boroughs including Greenwich, Bermondsey and Hackney have organised activities, including play events for children.


Doing your bit

If you want to support London’s car free day, you can do your bit by leaving your vehicle at home and travelling around the city on foot or by bicycle. Santander Cycles are located across the capital and can be rented for as little as £2.