Participants of last year’s event enjoyed clearer conditions (teo73/

More than 400 antique cars took part in the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run over the weekend, despite heavy fog.

The cars set off from the capital's Hyde Park, crossing Westminster Bridge then moving south through Croydon to Redhill in Surrey, before entering Sussex.

Every car taking part in the run was at least 100 years old.

This year was an American-themed event, with a number of US vehicle brands making an appearance.

Among the Century-old brands were Cadillac, Ford and Oldsmobile, together with lesser-known marques such as Pope, Waverley and Northern.

European brands included Vauxhall and Renault – firms which sent vehicles from their respective heritage collections.

At the start of the event thick fog enveloped some of London’s best-known landmarks, including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

But as well as fog, participants also had to deal with chilly November temperatures.

And with so much aging automotive technology, there were a few break downs along the route to Brighton.

Chairman of the event Ben Cussons said the rarest car at the event was a 1901 Isotta Fraschini. The oldest was an 1888 Truchetet.

While there was heavy fog in London and the South East, conditions had cleared by the time the group of cars had reached Brighton, where blue sunny skies awaited.

The Guardian published a number of atmospheric photos from the event.

Chris Evans also took part in the event, along with Alex Jones, Ken Bruce and Natalie Lowe. They travelled in buses from the 1950s.