McDonalds has announced it will fit electric car charge points to all new drive-thrus in the UK.

The fast-food chain has taken a leading role among UK companies in supporting the uptake of electric cars.


Research commissioned by the chain found that a lack of charge points was a barrier to entry for many would-be electric car owners.


McDonalds runs more than 900 drive-thru outlets across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


The new policy will also help McDonalds staff, who are offered electric cars when they rise to more senior roles.


McDonald’s UK and Ireland CEO Paul Pomroy said: “Appetite for electric vehicles, which will be a central part of the UK’s efforts to build back greener post-Covid-19, is growing.”


“This partnership and ambition takes advantage of our scale, and is a real step forward for those already driving electric vehicles, as well as people considering making the switch.


“With over 1,300 restaurants our ambition would mean you would never be far from a charging point."


The new EV charge points are being installed in partnership with InstaVolt.


McDonalds aims to have more EV charge points than any other firm in the UK and Ireland.


The UK government will ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035 - and schemes such as this will help ensure there is a charging network ready to deal with demand.


The new charge points will mean customers can get an 80% charge in just 20 minutes - long enough to enjoy a Big Mac and fries.


The fast-food chain saw long tailbacks in early June, as customers queued at drive-thrus across the UK. Drive-thru sites have opened ahead of regular restaurants.