Online used car portals have seen a spike in traffic, as Britons seek to avoid public transport amid coronavirus fears.

People are looking for other modes of transport, including scooters and motorbikes, alongside second-hand cars.

Auto Trader said traffic to its online car marketplace rose 29% in June, year-on-year, with 64 million visits. It also saw a huge annual rise in the number of leads it sent to sellers - to the tune of 90%. also saw a big rise in interest, selling up to £1.6m worth of vehicles per day. Socially-distanced sale collections in early May were a third higher than the previous recorded peak - before the nationwide lockdown took hold.

The figures are good news for the ailing UK car industry, which saw new car sales plummet by 97% at the peak of the coronavirus lockdown.

There are lingering fears that a looming recession will spark a rise in unemployment, putting the prospect of buying a new car out of reach for millions.

But demand for second-hand cars looks strong, with smaller cars costing less than £5,000 being especially popular.

The government now says public transport can be used by all members of the public, but still encourages people to choose alternatives, including walking and cycling.

While car dealerships have been allowed to open for business since June 1, online sales have been permitted throughout the lockdown.

This "click-and-collect" method - where buyers purchase a vehicle online then pick it up at the  showroom - has been the only way car dealers have been able to make sales.

However, some car dealerships are struggling. The Lookers chain revealed in June it would be cutting 1,500 jobs, while many thousands more could go across the industry in the coming months.