A new study claims to have identified Britain’s most affordable car in terms of day-to-day servicing and maintenance, alongside repair costs.

While the purchase price is obviously crucial in determining how much it will cost to own and run a car overall, maintenance and repair costs should also be taken into account - which is why surveys such as this can be useful.

The data was compiled from 250,000 vehicle service claims, and offers an idea of which cars are the cheapest to keep in good working order.

The report also revealed some of the most costly cars to keep maintained.

The small and rather old Peugeot 106 was the cheapest car to maintain, with costs of only £158.

Following close behind was the Ford EcoSport (£175) and Nissan Pulsar (£180).

Completing the top 5 were the Ford Kuga and Citroen C1.

Servicing costs are often overlooked by car buyers, according to the boss of Service Stop, the vehicle servicing firm that compiled the information.

CEO Oly Richmond said: “Many motorists think about the cost of the car when purchasing a new or second-hand model, but often the running costs go forgotten about.

“You could end up spending twice as much every single year by purchasing a more expensive vehicle to service so make sure to do your research in advance.”

Top 10 cars in the UK with lowest servicing costs:
  1. Peugeot 106 - £158
  2. Ford Ecosport - £176
  3. Nissan Pulsar - £180
  4. Ford Kuga - £195
  5. Citroen C1 - £197
  6. Alfa Romeo 147 - £201
  7. Citroen C4 Cactus - £205
  8. Toyota Aygo - £207
  9. Vauxhall Adam - £208
  10. Seat MII - £210

The data also gave an idea of the most expensive-to-maintain cars. Most costly was the Porsche Boxter, which averaged £426. The Jaguar S-Type (£406) came next, followed by the Volvo XC70 (£404).

Most-costly-to-service cars in the UK
  1. Porsche Boxster - £426
  2. Jaguar S-Type - £406
  3. Volvo XC70 - £404
  4. Porsche Cayenne - £382
  5. BMW Z3 and Z4 - £379
  6. Chrysler Grand Voyager - £373
  7. Jaguar XK - £371
  8. BMW X5 - £368
  9. BMW 6 Series - £366
  10. Ford Transit - £363