A TR6 similar to the one used in The Great Escape (Liam Dale/Bigstock.com)

The Triumph TR6 motorcycle that featured in The Great Escape has gone on show for the first time.

The motorcycle was ridden by Steve McQueen in the film and was used for a particular well-loved stunt jump – one of many scenes that helped make the 1963 movie a classic.

Restoration of the prized machine took around two months, with 95 per cent of the original parts used.

The TR6 is in "full working order", according to Dick Shepherd, the man who restored it.

The motorcycle is now on display at Triumph’s UK plant in Hinkley, Leicestershire, alongside other Triumphs that featured in Hollywood blockbusters – including Jurassic World and Mission Impossible II.

While McQueen was famed for doing many of his own stunts, the well-known scene where his character jumps over a barbed wire fence was undertaken by his stunt double, Bud Ekins.

The TR6 passed into obscurity after the film was completed. It was sold to a farmer who used it for cattle herding and was later inherited by a farm worker.

Some years later the farm worker sold the bike to Mr Shepherd, who then set about restoring it. The machine had been stored, unused, in a barn for many years.

Mr Shepherd explained that the motorcycle was now just as it was in 1962.

Mr Shepherd said, "The original front mudguard was completely rotten, which was a challenge to repair."

"We even managed to keep the original exhausts and rear tyre - two of the rarest parts - and we wanted to keep the dents on the bike from the filming for added authenticity."

The famous bike will be displayed alongside three scramblers custom-built for the 2015 film Jurassic World.

The bike ridden by Tom Cruise in the 1999 action film Mission Impossible II will also be on show. The Speed Triple is noteworthy for its screaming engine, as well as its aggressive styling and a series of bullet holes added to the bike for the film.