A teaser trailer for an all-new electric scooter has been released - and it's been designed right here in the UK.


The Zapp i300 is due to be launched next month, and will, as you might have guessed, feature a 300cc motor - which is pretty meaty for a moped.


Zapp is based in Hethel, Norfolk, where it designed its maxi-scooter rival. But while the machine was dreamt up on these shores, the need to minimise costs has seen production take place overseas.


The first road-going i300s should arrive early in 2019.


The teaser video doesn't give much away, revealing only certain components of the bike - such as a TFT screen, chunky tyres and big rims. The overall body shape appears jagged, and the machine features a small fly-screen for some wind protection on faster stretches of road.


Zapp believes there is nothing else on the market quite like the Zapp i300, which boasts a substantial range, thanks to its battery. In a statement, the firm said: "A seamless ownership experience will be provided thanks to a convenient, innovative charging solution and customer service ecosystem. Range anxiety is now thing of the past."


startrescue.co.uk will bring you more news on the i300 when it arrives.


Who are Zapp?

The firm was set up to re-imagine how scooters look and ride. The i300 itself is inspired by motorsport engineering, featuring a lightweight exoskeleton, with an ultra-high performance internal permanent magnet electric motor. The battery pack can be removed and charged at home. The bike will be available with a wide range of configurable options - in line with the company’s desire to create a fashionable, desirable scooter that allows owners to express themselves fully.